Probiotics can relieve irritable bowel syndrome probiotics and weight loss

The disease originates from the imbalance of the flora. As long as there is an increase in the number of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines, it will cause irritable bowel syndrome. Probiotic therapy can not only drive away and kill harmful bacteria in the intestines, but also change the pH value of the gastrointestinal tract, prompting the body to produce certain antibodies (lgA), thereby correcting the body’s excessive immune response to harmful bacteria and eliminating them Inflammation, give you a healthy gastrointestinal tract. probiotics and weight loss probiotics and weight loss
“The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome has not been found. This may be the reason why traditional treatment methods can only play a part. In other words, they only pay attention to symptoms and do not understand the physiological changes of the intestine. But. Probiotics can lastingly improve the function of the intestines Yes-this is really exciting! So, what exactly has changed in the intestines? For some reason, the gastrointestinal tract is attacked by pathogenic bacteria (harmful bacteria). As long as the number of one of these bacteria in the intestine increases, it will cause all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. probiotics and weight loss probiotics and weight loss
When the body has symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome, the use of a large number of probiotics can produce several effects-all effects are positive! First, good bacteria can drive some harmful bacteria out of the body. Secondly, the natural antibiotics produced by probiotics can kill some harmful bacteria. Furthermore, probiotics will stimulate the body to produce its own antibiotics, which can not only defeat harmful bacteria, but also correct the body’s excessive immune response to harmful bacteria. Finally, probiotics can also create or improve the environment around them, thereby stabilizing the pH of the gastrointestinal tract and keeping it at a normal level. Once this goal is achieved, pathogenic bacteria will naturally be inhibited because they cannot adapt to this pH (remember, pH simply indicates the amount of acid in a particular environment-such as the gastrointestinal environment). probiotics and weight loss probiotics and weight loss
Using probiotics to reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract also has an interesting effect: the harmful bacteria will die. Believe it or not, this is a good thing! Once harmful bacteria die, their cell bodies will break down and release the highly toxic components that caused them to transform in the first place. In this case, even if they die, they will still damage the body. In fact, this situation usually triggers a “treatment crisis”, even for patients who have already achieved initial results. When the harmful bacteria are killed, the person will initially feel the situation worsened. This feeling usually lasts for a few days, but if the process is slow, it may last as long as two weeks. probiotics and weight loss probiotics and weight loss
Enzyme deficiency also plays an important role in irritable bowel syndrome. When the body stores a large amount of enzymes, it will have difficulty in digesting food. By supplementing a large number of probiotics, the body gets not only these beneficial organisms, but also the real beneficial enzymes active in these cells. With these enzymes, the body can digest food that its own enzymes cannot digest. probiotics and weight loss probiotics and weight loss

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