Make A Probiotic Drink at Home

From yogurt commercials to kombucha craze, you may see a new type of probiotic drink hit the shelf when you go grocery shopping every time, and you may hear a lot that probiotics are beneficial to gut health. But if you’re the DIY type, you can relish the health benefits and the extra few bucks in your pocket.

probiotic drink

It’s easier than you think, and the greatest thing is that you can customize your probiotic drink by adding your favorite ingredients.

probiotic drink

3 Probiotics Drinks to Make at Home

1. Orange Ginger Carrot Kvass

Popular in Russia and Ukraine, kvass is a sour, somewhat sweet rye-based drink with a low (about 1%) alcohol level. Kvass is nutrient-dense and has a long list of health advantages, including intestinal probiotics, liver cleansing, and more.

probiotic drink
Prep Time Fermenting Time
5 mins 2 d
● 6 carrots sliced into approximately 1/8-inch coins
● 2 tablespoons roughly chopped ginger
● 6 large strips of organic orange peel peeled with a vegetable peeler
● 2 teaspoons sea salt (4 teaspoons if omitting whey)
● ¼ cup whey optional
● Water as needed
1. Put carrots, ginger, and orange peel into a half-gallon jar
2. Add salt and whey and fill the remainder of the jar with water, leaving a 1-inch headspace
3. Cover tightly with a lid, and shake well to dissolve the salt in the whey and water
4. Remove canning lid and cover with a clean towel or coffee filter
5. Secure with a rubber band or canning ring
6. Place in a warm spot to ferment for 2 to 4 days, depending on temperature
7. Strain the liquid from the carrots, leaving about 1 cup of liquid in the jar for another round of kvass

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

You don’t need a starter culture to make it. Just a jar, apples and some sugar water, and you can enjoy naturally fermented raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with loads of health benefits.

probiotic drink
Prep Time Fermenting Time
10 mins 42 d
● Cores and peels from 6 to 8 apples
● 2 tbs sugar
● Water to cover
1. Put the apple cores and peels in a large jar
2. Cover the scraps with water and stir in the sugar
3. Place a paper towel on top of the jar, and secure it with a band
4. Let the mixture soak for 2 weeks at room temperature
5. Strain out the liquid and discard the solids
6. Return the liquid to the jar, cover with a paper towel and secure with the band again
7. Leave it for 4 more weeks, stirring daily
8. Taste the vinegar, transfer it to a covered bottle for storage
Carbohydrates: 1g
Sodium: 1mg
Sugar: 1g

3. Probiotic Lemonade

Probiotic lemonade is similar to homemade soda, but it can be fermented in a variety of different ways.

probiotic drink
Prep Time Fermenting Time
10 mins 42 d
● 6-1/2 cups filtered water
● 1/2 cup freshly squeezed organic lemon juice
● 1/2 cup organic evaporated cane sugar
● 1/2 cup liquid whey
1. Place all of the ingredients in a large glass jar
2. Shake well to dissolve the sugar
3. Let stand for 2 days at room temperature, then refrigerate
4. Taste best after 1-1/2 weeks
Sugar: 1g

Ready to DIY? When you make them at home, you save a lot of money and enjoy the delightful experience of preparing your own food when you create them at home!

probiotic drink

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