Can probiotics help with weight loss? probiotic 7 advanced

Probiotics are loved by many people and are understood to be good assistants to promote gastrointestinal digestion and lose weight. But can probiotics really help with weight loss? Let’s find out. probiotic 7 advanced probiotic 7 advanced
As early as 2013, the research group of Professor JeffrevI.Gordon of the University of Washington published important research results in the journal “Science”, telling a “twin sister, the intestinal flora of the fat girl makes the mice fat, and The interesting story of “Skinny Girl’s Gut Microflora Makes Mice Thin”: Scientists have deliberately selected several pairs of special twins – all of which are a combination of “fat + thin girl”, ensuring that the next “variables” are clearly visible . Then, the chrysanthemum groups in the intestines of fat and thin girls were transferred to 2 groups of chrysanthemum-free mice treated in the same way, and fed the same food (low fat, high dietary fiber), and the power of intestinal flora appeared immediately. Come out! Under the condition of eating a healthy diet of low-fat and high-fiber, the mice that received the “fat flora” miserably became fat mice, and the mice that received the “thin flora” were still thin mice! Then study The lean mice found a much higher proportion of beneficial bacteria in their gut microbiota than the fat mice. Studies have shown that intestinal flora affects fat and thin, and supplementing probiotics is the best way to increase the ratio of beneficial bacteria! So probiotics are effective for weight loss. probiotic 7 advanced probiotic 7 advanced
What is the relationship between gut probiotics and obesity? Research data shows that the constitution of thin people and fat people is completely different, and the biggest difference between the two may be the difference in the intestinal microenvironment. The reason why thin people don’t gain weight is because certain bacteria in the gut have a predominant proportion. This bacteria guards the balance of human nutrition and metabolism at all times, by reducing the synthesis and decomposition of excess oil, so that the body’s fat will not accumulate probiotic 7 advanced probiotic 7 advanced
It is not difficult to explain why many people eat as much as they want and still maintain a perfect figure, while some people gain weight even with clear soup and water every day. There are about 400 kinds of microorganisms in the intestinal tract, and a large number of intestinal bacteria constitute a relatively stable intestinal micro-ecological environment. A small number of probiotics and intestinal bacteria can affect people’s appetite and metabolism. By properly supplementing probiotics to adjust the type and quantity of bacteria in the intestinal tract, and with a certain amount of exercise, you can control your weight and achieve healthy weight loss. probiotic 7 advanced probiotic 7 advanced
Probiotics for weight loss: Step 1: Take a bag of probiotics 15 minutes before dinner, and then drink 300 ml of water (you can also take the probiotics with warm cold water, do not use hot water). At this time, the probiotics reach the intestinal tract and colonize the intestinal surface. Step 2: After 15 minutes, you can start to enjoy the delicious food normally, mainly lean meat and vegetables, half a bowl of rice, eat more vegetables and less food, and avoid fatty meat and other ingredients. Step 3: Drink 300 ml of water half an hour after a meal. The water can double the reproduction and growth of probiotics and prevent excessive fat absorption. Step 4: Please keep standing for 30 minutes before sitting down after a meal. Precautions: Avoid foods that are high in sugar, which is a combination of sugar and fat that can make you fat. Don’t be hungry, don’t diet. Eat more vegetables, eat 8 minutes to be full. Appropriately maintain the amount of exercise. Lazy people can choose to take a 30-minute walk. probiotic 7 advanced probiotic 7 advanced

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