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Should You Add A Probiotic Supplement To Your Daily Routine?

Research studies show probiotics are potentially beneficial to those with depression, constipation, diarrhea, vaginal Candida infections, intestinal disorders, pregnant women, allergies, immune system disorders, inflammation, and those who have taken antibiotics recently. There are even studies on how athletes benefit from taking probiotics.

But are they good for you? And how would you know? How would you make this decision?

Probiotic 101: ALL Need-To-Know Facts About PROBIOTICS

We are so used to thinking of ALL bacteria as nasty “germs” it took quite a few years before mainstream medicine latched on to the concept that gut bacteria are beneficial—in fact, they are essential to overall health and wellness. Gut microorganisms such as bacteria of the microbiome form a symbiotic relationship with humans—in a symbiotic relationship, both humans and bacteria benefit.

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