Probiotic and Prebiotic

Trillions of bacteria live in our body, especially our large intestine.

As we know, we live in symbiosis with these microorganisms – we give them a place to live and food to eat, and they, in turn, offer us a lot of support such as digestive health and immune health. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic 

However, microbes that are more harmful than helpful sometimes overrun our microbiomes. That’s where probiotics and prebiotics come to the rescue; we can use these tools to modify the balance of the microbiome and create a system that works for us instead of against us. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic

The balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria is important for maintaining health. Several factors can upset this balance, including diet, stress, and medications, particularly antibiotics. Adding prebiotics to the diet and taking probiotics changes the microbial population and their activity, fortifying the number of good bacteria in the gut. An increase in good bacteria can also help limit the number of harmful bacteria. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic


Many individuals use the term probiotic to mean any beneficial bacteria, but this isnt completely true. Actually, there are many bacteria that live in us that can be beneficial to our health, but this does not make them probiotics. Probiotics are products that contain specific strains of bacteria in adequate quantities for which there is evidence showing its efficacy at treating a specific condition. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic

Prebiotic Probiotic and Prebiotic

If someone were to ask you your favorite foods, you might say something like raspberries, chocolate mousse, and a good French croissant. But if you were to pose that question to many beneficial microbes – their answer may be in the form of fiber-rich foods like avocado and chicory root. That’s because many gut microbes prefer prebiotic foods often found in fruits and vegetables.

Prebiotic is a food source for the friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract. Our digestive system can’t break down prebiotics, so they survive the journey through the digestive tract. They eventually reach the part of the colon where the friendly bacteria hang out. The bacteria have the chops to break down the prebiotics into nutrition that helps them grow and thrive. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic

Synbiotics blend both pre- and probiotics Probiotic and Prebiotic

These days, were seeing a new transition in the field of supplements that integrates the best of both worlds by creating a comprehensive supplement combining a little of each. These supplements, called synbiotics, work in synergy to promote a healthier gut environment. probioticseverything.comPr

Synbiotics is a mix of substance, which combine a prebiotic and a probiotic. Some researches have shown that a probiotic in a capsule may not survive while sitting on the grocery store shelf or passing through the intestinal tract. But when you combine it with its food source, the prebiotic, it has a much better shot at staying viable until it reaches the part of the gut where it will ultimately live. probioticseverything.comProbiotic and Prebiotic

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