Probiotic for Colds

When the temperature drops, especially in the winter, it is very common to catch a cold or, worse, the flu. While catching a cold or the flu is only a very unpleasant experience for most people, it can lead to dangerous complications and, in some cases, death in the elderly and immunocompromised people. As a result, it is extremely beneficial to learn how to strengthen your body and immune system so that you can fight off colds and the flu more effectively. Probiotic for Colds

There are many powerful, natural probiotics for colds that can help support your body during cold and flu season, as well as when you find yourself in a situation where many people around you are sick. Probiotics are one of nature’s most potent gifts. A scientifically supported, multispecies and multistrain, medically relevant probiotic can help your body and immune system be strong enough to fight off harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as prevent colds, flu, and respiratory infections. Probiotic for Colds

What is Influenza?

The main distinction between a common cold and the flu (also known as influenza) is the severity of symptoms. Furthermore, a cold can be caused by both a bacterial and a viral infection, whereas the flu can only be caused by a viral infection. This means that treating the flu with antibiotics is ineffective because antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses. Probiotic for Colds

A cold typically begins with a sore throat, runny nose, and fatigue, and is followed by coughing and, in some cases, a fever. The flu, on the other hand, causes severe cold-like symptoms as well as a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, a headache, and muscle soreness in many cases. Probiotic for Colds

So, what makes people more vulnerable to illness during the cold and flu season? When temperatures drop, people’s body temperatures drop as well, reducing blood flow in the body and weakening the immune system. Furthermore, poor room ventilation during the colder months causes the air to become stale and less humid. This dries out the nasal mucous membranes, allowing germs to colonize and multiply more easily.

What Does Probiotic Do for Colds?

Harmful bacteria and viruses enter your body through your mouth and nose, then through your stomach and intestines into your bloodstream. The lining of your intestine is designed to keep harmful bacteria, viruses, and toxins out of your bloodstream. However, it will only do so if it is healthy and strong, which many people are unfortunately not.

Specific probiotic bacteria can strengthen your intestinal wall, making it more resistant to harmful bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, certain bacterial strains have the ability to reduce the pH in your intestines, making it more difficult for potentially harmful bacteria and viruses to colonize and multiply. Besides, A healthy digestive system also helps your body’s immune system. Your gut contains 80% of your immune system. As a result, it’s no surprise that the bacteria in your gut have a strong influence on your immune system.

In short, probiotics can help during flu season by preventing the replication of viruses in the body, stimulating the secretion of antibodies that protect against respiratory infections and supporting a healthy immune system by maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. Thus, it is of great importance to choose right probiotic for colds.

Fortunately, we are learning more and more about how we can use probiotic for colds to positively influence the environment in the gut, and thus our overall health and well-being. However, not all probiotic for colds works. So before you choose probiotic for colds, please be careful.

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