Prebiotics – Kombucha’s favorite food probiotics for women target

Changes in dietary structure and environmental factors can change the composition, quantity and balance of the human gut microbiota. Studies have shown that the amount of probiotics in the body’s digestive tract is often not sufficient to maintain optimal health. If probiotics are not supplemented, other bacteria will multiply rapidly, leading to dysbiosis in the digestive tract, which in turn can cause a series of potential diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to drink kombucha every day to supplement the human body with a sufficient amount of probiotics. The groups most in need of drinking kombucha include: middle-aged and elderly people, infants and young children, and women. At the same time, for long-term use of antibiotics, frequent smokers, frequent alcoholics, habitual constipation, cardiovascular patients, liver patients and people who work overtime for a long time, it is better to cultivate and drink kombucha as soon as possible. probiotics for women target probiotics for women target
Prebiotics–the favorite food of kombucha Although prebiotics (also known as probiotic factors) are not probiotics, they are superfoods for probiotics (kombucha), and some people call prebiotics a paradise for probiotic kombucha. A prebiotic is a non-digested food ingredient that produces a beneficial effect on the host. By selectively stimulating the growth and activity of one or a limited number of probiotics, it maintains the positive balance of the microecology in the body, thereby enhancing the host’s immunity and improving the host’s health. To this end, prebiotics should meet the following four conditions: (1) It can neither be hydrolyzed nor absorbed by the host in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract; (2) It can only selectively stimulate the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria in the intestine (such as lactic acid bacteria, bifidobacteria, yeast, acetic acid bacteria, etc.); (3) It can improve the composition and quantity of the intestinal flora that are beneficial to health: (4) It can play a role in enhancing the health of the host body. probiotics for women target probiotics for women target
It is generally believed that the most basic prebiotics are carbohydrates, but non-carbohydrate substances that are used as prebiotics are not excluded. According to research, people’s daily diet contains a variety of natural prebiotics (probiotic factors), mainly dietary fiber (oligosaccharides) and phenolic compounds. probiotics for women target probiotics for women target
Dietary fiber Dietary fiber, like sugar and starch, belongs to carbohydrates. Because there are no enzymes in the human body that can break down these substances, after dietary fiber enters the body, it simply passes through the digestive tract and cannot be absorbed, although dietary fiber does not provide us with calories, vitamins or minerals. However, dietary fiber is essential for maintaining normal body functions. The most important role of dietary fiber is as a probiotic factor that selectively promotes the growth of probiotics (kombucha) in the gut. As a food for beneficial bacteria in the gut, dietary fiber can improve and maintain the advantages of the probiotic flora in the human gut. Because dietary fiber can provide a good growth environment for probiotics, make them multiply, and maintain the microecological balance in the body, so it is conducive to the synthesis of certain nutrients by probiotics. probiotics for women target probiotics for women target

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