Red Wine Vinegar and Probiotics probiotics breastfeeding

Fermented wine, also known as brewed wine, refers to the wine obtained by direct extraction or pressing after saccharification or fermentation with substances containing sugar or starch (such as fruit, malt, etc.) as raw materials, including wine, beer, rice wine and cider Wait. Fermented wine is a natural probiotic food. It only contains a small amount of alcohol, but it contains many nutrients. For example, beer contains vitamins B1, B2, and B12; wine contains polyphenols, which have certain health care, anti-cancer, and anti-aging properties. and other effects. Let’s take glucose wine (red wine) as an example. probiotics breastfeeding probiotics breastfeeding
Today, the health benefits of wine are more and more recognized by the world. Europe and the United States have conducted a large number of long-term studies on the effect of wine on the human body. The results show that red wine contains a variety of components that are beneficial to health and longevity. Red wine is the only alcoholic beverage that is alkaline. The medical community in many countries has listed it in the pharmacopoeia and promoted it as a healthy food. Red wine is rich in vitamins and minerals, which can replenish blood and lower cholesterol in the blood; red wine can inhibit the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), increase high-density lipoprotein (HDD) in the blood, promote blood circulation, and prevent coronary heart disease; red wine Contains polyphenols, which can effectively prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent platelet aggregation, prevent vision loss, and enhance immunity. probiotics breastfeeding probiotics breastfeeding
Red wine is the only alcohol that is allowed to be drunk by diabetic patients. It is rich in B vitamins and complex pantothenic acid, which can promote the decomposition of sugar and prevent the aging of blood vessels. As an alkaline alcoholic drink, red wine can neutralize the large fish and meat and the acidic substances of rice and wheat that people eat every day. For the average person, drinking about 200 ml of red wine a day has many benefits. But it must be dry red wine. Half juice grape dessert wine cannot achieve the above effect due to different grape varieties, grape content and process technology. probiotics breastfeeding probiotics breastfeeding
Vinegar is an important condiment. It is a sour liquid brewed from rice, wheat, sorghum, and distiller’s grains through fermentation. The sour taste in vinegar is mainly from the acetic acid produced after the grain is fermented. In addition, vinegar also contains lactic acid, succinic acid, citric acid, grape acid, apple Acid and other organic acids, so the mellow aroma of good vinegar is overflowing. probiotics breastfeeding
The efficacy of vinegar is also generally recognized by people, such as it has the functions of softening blood vessels, nourishing the skin, lowering blood lipids and so on. According to scientific research, the reason why vinegar has the above effects is due to the Acetobacter (a kind of probiotic) in it. Therefore, vinegar is a natural probiotic. But pay attention to one thing: according to the production method of vinegar, vinegar can be divided into brewed vinegar and synthetic vinegar. Brewed vinegar is made from grains and fermented by microorganisms. Synthetic vinegar is made by blending edible acetic acid, adding water, acidulant, seasoning, spice and food coloring. It is best to choose brewed vinegar. probiotics breastfeeding

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