Why are babies prone to allergies? is probiotics good for constipation

1. Intestinal immune function is immature The intestine is a very important immune organ in the body, and the baby’s intestinal immune system is still in the developing stage, so the immunity of this part is relatively weak. When external germs invade, the intestinal immune barrier is difficult to block them well, resulting in allergic symptoms. is probiotics good for constipation is probiotics good for constipation
2. Intestinal flora imbalance When the intestinal flora is imbalanced, it will not only reduce the immunity of the body, but also lead to intestinal dysfunction, making the intestinal tract more sensitive and prone to allergies. Scholars pointed out that the composition of gut microbes is involved in the occurrence of allergic problems–abnormal gut flora structure can lead to It causes the deviation of Th2-type inflammatory response, weakens the intestinal mucosal barrier function, and increases the exposure of intestinal antigens, thereby increasing the frequency of allergic reactions. is probiotics good for constipation is probiotics good for constipation
3. Are anti-allergy probiotics useful? Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when ingested in appropriate amounts by the host, can bring benefits to the body. Specifically, can it be helpful in anti-allergy? As mentioned above, decreased immune function and imbalance of intestinal flora can cause allergies. Increasing the intake of beneficial bacteria can not only effectively regulate the intestinal flora, but also enhance intestinal immunity, so it can indirectly relieve allergies. However, parents should also be clear that in fact, whether probiotics have anti-allergic effects also depends on the specific strain. For example, related trials found that bifidobacteria mixture can significantly improve allergic symptoms in children with hay fever allergic rhinitis and intermittent asthma. Therefore, when parents buy related products for their babies, they should also pay attention to the strains contained in them, and start with the actual situation of the baby, so that the supplementation effect will be better. is probiotics good for constipation is probiotics good for constipation
How about probiotics? ①Using special anti-allergy strains: preferably edible strains for infants and young children approved by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, with 15 billion CFU viable bacteria/bag, which can increase the advantages of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract and improve the baby’s anti-infection and anti-allergic ability. ②No added: No artificial flavor, color preservatives, gluten and dairy products are added, which is more friendly to babies who are prone to allergies. ③Adding prebiotics: This is the “food” of beneficial bacteria, which can ensure that the live bacteria are better colonized on the intestines, so that they can function effectively to protect the intestinal health of the baby. In the long process of growing up, various problems will always arise. Allergy symptoms are closely related to intestinal problems to a large extent, and help your baby’s intestinal health anytime, anywhere. is probiotics good for constipation is probiotics good for constipation

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