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Probiotics include various friendly microorganisms. Since primitive society, they have been helping mankind to maintain life. However, people really regarded them as weapons to protect health since the beginning of the 20th century. Russian pioneer scientist Airy. Michnikov (1845-1916) played a big role in promoting this understanding. He found that the Bulgarians living in the Caspian Mountains lived very long lives. After studying the culture of these Bulgarians, Airy discovered the mystery: These Bulgarians all drink a fermented milk product called kefir or lactic acid wine. This discovery directly contributed to Airy’s book “The Theory of Longevity That Never Ages”, and he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1908 for this. The basic idea in the book is: absorbing a large amount of probiotics can reduce the harm of harmful bacteria, and even eliminate harmful bacteria. what a probiotic does what a probiotic does what a probiotic does
We now know that kefir contains many kinds of probiotics. Kefir is prepared by pouring fresh goat milk into a large leather bucket and then hanging it at the door. When people go in and out, they gently push the leather bucket, which can help stir the mixture inside. Speed ​​up the fermentation process. They pour out some to drink every day, and then fill the bucket with more milk. In this way, the production process is uninterrupted. what a probiotic does what a probiotic does what a probiotic does
So, isn’t it better for everyone to drink this lactic acid wine? The problem is that it is difficult for us to solidify the lactic acid wine. Scientists have tried to separate probiotics from lactic acid liquor, but the results of each experiment are different. So what kind of lactic acid wine should we drink? No way to know. Even if you choose the right one, it is purely coincidental. Everyone knows that lactic acid wine contains various lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. It is difficult to determine which is good for the body (we will continue to discuss the benefits of different probiotics and more details later). what a probiotic does what a probiotic does what a probiotic does
Many people don’t realize that to some extent, eating products such as yogurt is actually returning to the retro lifestyle. Yogurt is similar to lactic acid wine, but yogurt also contains many other organisms. The main difference between them lies in the length of the fermentation time; it is especially worth noting that only the yogurt that has undergone a complete fermentation process can be eaten. Are yogurt and lactic acid wine the only source of probiotics? Of course not. Are yogurt and lactic acid wine alone enough to promote the health of you and your family? Of course not. Remember, this is a war, and in all wars, the numbers have the final say. There are many such products in the store, such as milk and yogurt with probiotics, but compared with the number of harmful bacteria in your body and your family, their probiotic content is far from enough. Many products will be added with some active probiotics at the beginning of production, but when you eat, most of the active probiotics are dead. Then these products have no effect at all, because science has proven that in order to defeat harmful bacteria, probiotics need as many as harmful bacteria. what a probiotic does what a probiotic does
Of course, some supplements containing probiotics are still useful. However, some recent tests have found some unqualified products. Many products contain dead bacteria, and some products are mislabeled. Some products even contain potentially deadly bacteria! How do you know which product to buy and which product not to buy? what a probiotic does what a probiotic does

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