Probiotics and human health what can be used as a probiotic

Many people think that “disease comes from the mouth”. In fact, this is only part of the cause of the disease. It is an incomplete truth. The complete truth is: health comes from the balance of the micro-ecological in the body. what can be used as a probiotic what can be used as a probiotic
There are hundreds of billions of bacteria in the human body. Among them, the number of beneficial and harmful bacteria maintains the balance of the human body’s microecology. The balance of the flora has an effect on the nutritional status, physiological functions, bacterial infections, drug effects, toxin response, immune response, and aging process of the human body. In other words, all physiological parameters of the human body are related to it. Therefore, once there is an imbalance in the human body, the disease will take advantage of the deficiency. Therefore, as many as there are causes of imbalance in the body, there are as many causes of disease. For example, if there are too many carcinogens in the body, this imbalance can lead to cancer. If there is too much cholesterol in the body, it will cause coronary heart disease. If there are too many toxins in the body, it can cause dysentery or diarrhea. To give an example, I can keep going like this. As long as we carefully observe each disease, we will find that there is an imbalance in them. This is the law of nature. what can be used as a probiotic what can be used as a probiotic
Reports from some medical institutions indicate that most people go to the doctor because they have gastrointestinal problems. So, let’s analyze what kind of problems the stomach and intestines have. People in today’s society eat a lot of processed food. In fact, 90% of American food is processed food! These foods contain a lot of harmful substances, such as bleach, artificial colors and flavors. These foods contain very few beneficial ingredients such as whole grains, vitamins and minerals. The result is of course unbalanced-slowly, the disease will follow. Obviously, if we want to continue to protect the health of ourselves and our family, we need to restore this balance to the body, to restore the natural balance that we had at birth. what can be used as a probiotic what can be used as a probiotic
When a person is born, the entire physiological system is perfect. Of course, some parts are not fully formed yet, but from the perspective of life, newborns are the healthiest people on the planet. Slowly, with the pollution of our living environment, we began to lose balance. Sometimes the loss is very fast, so we can get diseases like diarrhea. Under normal circumstances, this process is slow, but that means that a more dangerous disease is approaching step by step. And we are always able to discover these reactions that have already begun in childhood at a later time. what can be used as a probiotic what can be used as a probiotic
Therefore, when we start to get old, these reactions caused by low-quality diet and environmental toxins begin to show, and the body will suffer from various diseases, such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Some diseases have even spread to the children.For example, type II diabetes is showing an increasing trend in adolescents. The incidence of autism has also increased rapidly in the past 10 years. This disease was very rare in children in the past, and it was about 1 in 10,000. But now, 1 in 200 children is withdrawn. so the change is really shocking, in the final analysis, it is because the body has lost balance. what can be used as a probiotic what can be used as a probiotic

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