Probiotics have become a magic weapon against coronary heart disease probiotic brands

Supplementing probiotics can adjust the micro-ecological balance in the intestines and trigger changes in the cholesterol allocation mechanism in the human body, thereby effectively reducing the cholesterol content in the body. Probiotics can also effectively lower blood pressure…It can be said that probiotic therapy has become a miraculous weapon against coronary heart disease. probiotic brands probiotic brands probiotic brands
The simplest signs of coronary heart disease are chest pain and shortness of breath. A person’s chest may feel heavy, tight, painful, burning, stressed, or oppressive. The sensing area is usually behind the breastbone, and sometimes the arms, neck, or chin. Once these signals appear,People should see a doctor. Nevertheless, some people show no signs and can only find out after a heart attack. It is worth mentioning that women may be particularly unfamiliar with the signs of coronary heart disease that are exclusive to them, and may not even feel them before the onset of disease. probiotic brands
Probiotic therapy The use of probiotics is a method of controlling cholesterol that has only recently been recognized. Although people have long known that eating fermented yogurt and some common probiotics can lower cholesterol. But it is only in the last dozen years that scientists have begun to conduct research. probiotic brands
In the study of cholesterol and probiotics, scientists discovered that when a large number of probiotics are used—that is, each dose contains more than 1 million living organisms—the cholesterol in the blood will decrease. More importantly, they also found that the ratio of HDL to LDL would increase. Phase with LDL Ratio, the more HDL content, the higher the ratio. probiotic brands
Why is this important? If LDL is treated as a blocking substance, then HDL can be thought of as a substance that cleans up deposits. As mentioned earlier, LDL is likened to a build-up toy that connects a variety of cholesterol molecules together through connectors. LDL accumulates in the arteries, one Stacked one after another, gradually blocking circulation. And HDL is like Leigao assembling toy without connectors. Similarly, since HDL cannot be tied to other substances, they will have a “bowling ball” effect, which can disperse LDL no matter where they are formed. So if The more HDL content exceeds LDL, the smaller the amount of LDL. The reason is very simple. HDL and LDL together (numerically, not physically) make up the total cholesterol. probiotic brands
With these benefits, probiotics have been highly evaluated and valued. Probiotics such as acidophilic lactic acid bacteria (LA) contain 10 to 100 billion organisms per dose, which can greatly reduce serum cholesterol. Recently, other bacteria have also been included in the scope of observation, such as Lactobacillus reuteri (LR). Unlike some other types of probiotics, people only need to use less LR to receive a good cholesterol-lowering effect. probiotic brands probiotic brands

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