Probiotics and Metabolism

According to the findings of a recent study published in the journal Molecular Systems Biology on January 15, probiotics, such as yogurt drinks containing live bacteria, have a tangible effect on metabolism. probiotics and metabolism

The study is the first to investigate in depth at how probiotics affect the biochemistry of gut microorganisms, which live in the gut and play a critical role in a person’s metabolic makeup. Different types of gut microorganisms exist in different people, and abnormalities in particular types have lately been related to disorders like diabetes and obesity. probiotics and metabolism

Researchers from Imperial College London and the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, provided mice that had been transplanted with human gut microorganisms two different types of probiotic drinks for the study. Probiotics contain ‘friendly’ bacteria, and there is some evidence that introducing ‘friendly’ bacteria to the gut helps aid digestion. probiotics and metabolism

The researchers analyzed the levels of different metabolites in the liver, blood, urine, and feces of mice that were given probiotics vs those who were not. probiotics and metabolism

They discovered that treatment with probiotics had a variety of biochemical effects, which differed significantly between the two probiotic strains, Lactobacillus paracasei and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. Adding ‘friendly’ bacteria to the gut changed the bacteria’s makeup, not only because it increased the number of such bacteria, but also because the ‘friendly’ bacteria collaborated with other bacteria in the gut, increasing their impacts.

A difference in how mice treated with probiotics metabolized bile acids was one of the many biochemical changes noted by the researchers. The liver produces these acids, and their major purpose is to emulsify fats in the upper intestine. If probiotics can affect the way bile acids are metabolized, they may be able to change how much fat the body can absorb. probiotics and metabolism

“Some claim that probiotics can’t change your gut microflora – while there are at least a billion bacteria in a pot of yogurt, there are a hundred trillion in the gut, so you’re just whistling in the wind,” said Professor Jeremy Nicholson of Imperial College’s Department of Biomolecular Medicine. probiotics and metabolism

“Probiotics have an effect, according to our research, and they interact with the local ecology and communicate with other bacteria. We’re still figuring out what the changes they cause signify in terms of overall health, but we’ve established that introducing ‘friendly’ bacteria can change the dynamics of the gut’s entire population of microbes “he stated. probiotics and metabolism

The researchers believe that their new understanding of how probiotics and gut microorganisms interact will lead to the creation of new probiotic therapies that can be tailored to specific illnesses and metabolic profiles.

Dr. Sunil Kochhar of the Nestlé Research Center, another study author, added: “Understanding the molecular events triggered in the host metabolism by so-called beneficial bacteria is critical in our efforts to develop customized nutritional solutions to maintain and/or improve our consumers’ health and wellness on an individual level. The findings of this study show great promise in terms of addressing individualized nutrition.” Probiotics And Metabolism

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