Initial colonization of gut flora best probiotics yakult

The ability of probiotics to alter the structure of the gut microbiota and modulate the host immune response gives them the potential to treat human diseases. Aggarwal et al. 7 found that probiotics can reduce serum cholesterol, regulate bile acid synthesis, reduce the release of inflammatory factors, reduce lipid peroxidation and improve lipid metabolism in the body, thus reversing diabetes-induced systemic inflammation and anti-obesity effects. Kadooka et al. first carried out a randomized double-blind probiotic intervention experiment in humans, and found that abdominal fat and body weight in overweight patients decreased significantly compared with the placebo group after oral administration of Lactobacillus gasseri fermented milk for 12 weeks. Luoto et al. [59] followed up pregnant women and their children with probiotics in the perinatal period for 10 years, and found that the application of 10 cfu lactobacillus GG to pregnant women 4 weeks before delivery and within 6 months after birth can inhibit the production of lactobacillus GG in the first two years after birth. Excessive weight gain, but this effect was not found in the study at 2-4 years of age. This study observed a lower incidence of overweight and obesity in infants intervening with probiotics in early life, which is consistent with the above findings. It may be that the early application of probiotics increases the colonization of infants with intestinal bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria, and promotes the development and development of intestinal mucosa. Maturity facilitates the absorption and metabolism of nutrients, and improves host health, which partly explains the lower incidence of overweight and obesity in probiotic-fed best probiotics yakult best probiotics yakult best probiotics yakult
The relationship between initial colonization of gut microbiota and long-term diseaseIn recent years, with the in-depth study of the human gut microbiota, it has been found that it is not only involved in the pathogenesis of obesity, but also related to various disease states such as allergy, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and cancer. For example, researchers have detected microorganisms and microbial components in colon lesions of human colitis patients and animal models of colitis, and the application of antibiotics can effectively prevent and treat the disease to a certain extent. These evidences support the involvement of gut microbiota. Occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease. Some scholars have proposed that the microbiota can modify the risk of neoplastic diseases, and began to observe the relationship between the intestinal microbiota and cancer in the risk of intestinal tumors. As evidence mounts, it is widely accepted that the gut microbiota is involved in the development and progression of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic best probiotics yakult best probiotics yakult
Infancy is a critical period for the development of the human gut microbiota. Microbes that appear early after birth can stimulate the immune system to a certain extent, and the initial gut composition can significantly affect the development of the immune system, thus interfering with the infant gut in early life. The microbiota colonization process may have long-term effects on best probiotics yakult best probiotics yakult

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