Nutritional and pharmacological effects of probiotic kombucha best probiotics natural

According to expert analysis, the main nutrients and corresponding functions of probiotic kombucha beverages Can be as follows: (1) Polysaccharides, tea polyphenols, isomalt oligosaccharides, and theophylline: can improve human immunity, enhance self-resistance; regulate blood lipids, regulate blood sugar; promote the growth of bifidobacteria, reduce the putrefaction and carcinogens in the intestine; Increase the number of T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes, thereby improving the body’s defense capabilities. (2) Acetic acid, lactic acid, citric acid: can clean up the stomach, help digestion, prevent constipation, improve the stability of vitamins, prevent harmful bacteria and viruses from invading, and prevent colds. (3) Caffeine: It can improve brain vitality, eliminate fatigue, and cheer up. best probiotics natural best probiotics natural
In addition, kombucha contains three types of probiotics that are beneficial to the human body: yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria. It can play a special role in health care for the human body. Lactic acid bacteria are not only nutrients that the human body needs, but also have a strong antiseptic effect. Lactic acid bacteria can inhibit abnormal fermentation in the intestinal tract and prevent the body from absorbing toxins generated by the decomposition of harmful bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria can also make good use of some substances in the intestine to manufacture a variety of vitamins, so that the human body can avoid rapid aging. The mechanism of action of lactic acid bacteria mainly includes the following points: providing nutrients and promoting the growth of the body; improving the micro-ecological environment, cleaning up toxic substances in the intestinal tract: regulating the digestive immune system, etc. If lactic acid bacteria can normally exert their metabolic activity in the human body, they can directly provide the host with available essential amino acids (such as lysine and methionine, etc.) and various vitamins (vitamins B and K, H, etc.), and can also Improve the biological activity of mineral elements, and then achieve the effect of providing essential nutrients for the human body, enhancing the nutritional metabolism of the human body, and directly promoting its growth. best probiotics natural best probiotics natural
Yeasts are oval unicellular fungi. Yeast is rich in protein and contains dozens of amino acids, of which all eight essential amino acids are possessed by the human body. Yeast proteins also have anti-cancer and cancer-dissolving functions. Yeast cells also contain a variety of vitamins, especially the highest content of vitamin B group. best probiotics natural best probiotics natural
Acetobacter is the main microorganism in kombucha, the acetic acid produced by Acetobacter. It can help the nutrients in the body to be fully converted into bioenergy. The strong acidity of acetic acid has the function of clearing the intestines and stomach, helping digestion, preventing constipation, improving the stability of vitamins, preventing the invasion of harmful bacteria and viruses, and preventing colds. best probiotics natural best probiotics natural
Kombucha liquid is rich in vitamin C and a large number of organic acids, carbohydrates, amino acids, lecithin and active ingredients in tea, which are rich in nutrients and have the effect of nourishing and strengthening the body. These nutrients and pharmacological components contained in kombucha cooperate with each other in the process of metabolism in the human body, which can regulate physiological functions and improve the immunity of the human body. It is especially suitable for the elderly, women and children to drink. best probiotics natural best probiotics natural

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