probiotic tea: Is It Beneficial to Your Gut Health?

Is drinking probiotic tea a good method to improve your digestive health? Let’s have a look at the various options available to see which one is ideal for you. probioticseverything.comprobiotic tea

What Are Probiotics and How Do They Work?
To begin, it could be useful to establish exactly what we’re discussing.

Probiotics are “live bacteria that impart a health benefit on the host when taken in suitable proportions as part of food,” according to the World Health Organization.

A probiotic, then, is a live bacteria with the power to benefit your health.

Probiotics are typically found in supplements or foods, but they are now also available in probiotic tea! probioticseverything.comprobiotic tea

What Is Probiotic Tea and How Does It Work?
Probiotic tea works by boosting the amount of healthy bacteria in your digestive system (probiotics).

You may think of the gut microbiome as a parking lot: there are only so many spots available, and you want healthy bacteria to take up the majority of them.

You add additional healthy bacteria to your microbial parking lot when you eat probiotics (such as in the form of probiotic tea).

You can help to push out bad bacteria by boosting the number of beneficial bacteria in your microbiome (kick them out of their parking spaces).

Overall, drinking probiotic tea can help you enhance your digestive health by rebalancing your gut microbiota.

Probiotic Tea in Its Natural Forms
You have two alternatives when it comes to probiotic tea: natural or supplementary. Both are excellent and effective, so it comes down to personal preference.

Kombucha, for example, is a natural form of probiotic tea. Kombucha probiotic tea is naturally fermented, allowing healthy bacteria to flourish. You’re getting all those good bacteria into your gut microbiota when you drink this probiotic tea.

Keep in mind that kombucha is a probiotic tea that can only be served cold; not only will it not taste as good hot (at least in our view! ), but it will also be more difficult to digest. However, boiling kombucha will destroy any helpful probiotics.

So, if you’re searching for a cool, bubbly probiotic tea, a natural type like kombucha can be a good choice. Continue reading if you’re looking for something to eat while it’s still hot.

Supplement Forms of Probiotic Tea
When we talk about supplement types of probiotic tea, we’re talking about teas that have unique bacterial strains added to them, as opposed to probiotics that grow as a result of the tea’s fermentation.

Supplement types of probiotic tea, on the other hand, can be incredibly helpful, especially if you want to utilize a specific probiotic strain. That’s because, unlike probiotic teas like kombucha, where the probiotic strains you’re eating aren’t always evident, a supplemental probiotic tea should list the probiotic strains it includes.

Each probiotic strain has its own set of health benefits, thus one strain may have a very different effect on your body than another. So make an informed decision!

Tea Bags with Probiotics
Probiotic tea bags are a newer addition to the market, thanks to advancements in heat-stable probiotic strains. That means you may enjoy a cup of hot tea while still reaping the advantages of probiotics!

Many probiotic strains are heat-stable, meaning they will perish if exposed to heat. In general, this isn’t a desirable thing (you want living bacteria), but some study suggests that “dead” or inactive probiotics can still be beneficial.

If you’re looking for a probiotic tea bag, you should be able to buy them in a variety of flavors at your local grocery store or health food store.

Always verify the probiotic strain in your tea bag to make sure it’s one that’s been demonstrated in studies to be helpful for the specific benefit you’re looking for.

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