Kombucha effects on the body’s micro-ecology best probiotics natural grocers

The human body is a paradise for bacteria. For many people, they always feel very scared when they hear the word “bacteria”. In daily life, the impression that “bacteria” brings to people is also very bad. People treat bacteria like a big enemy, and many people even wish to live in a sterile world. However, the kombucha fever and “probiotics” fever that have risen in recent years have made people confused: Can drinking probiotic kombucha really be a probiotic? Will eating bacteria prevent diseases? Since the day of birth, with the human body With the development of our body, our body gradually becomes a paradise for bacteria. It is estimated that the total weight of bacteria in an adult is about 15 kilograms, and it is generally believed that the total number of bacteria is at least 10 times the total number of human cells. Therefore, it can be said that the ecosystem of bacteria in the human body is very complex, far beyond the imagination of most people. Even with high gain in biology and medicine With the rapid development of today, people still have many unknown secrets about their understanding of bacteria in their bodies. best probiotics natural grocers best probiotics natural grocers
It is now known that most of the bacteria in the human body reside in the gut. Scientists estimate that there are as many as 500 to 1,000 species of bacteria in the human body. The genomes of these bacteria are comparable to those of the human body, and the total number of genes may be more than 100 times that of the human body. How do we know that when we are traveling from south to north, working and resting non-stop, we still carry a huge microbial ecosystem in our stomachs! This ecosystem is not only a huge number of individuals, but also always in constant growth and metabolism. In the large intestine, as many as 2 million to 5 million bacteria are dying and nascent every minute, and in the small intestine, the number is about 10 times higher. best probiotics natural grocers best probiotics natural grocers
Some bacteria are resident, colonizing the intestinal mucosa and multiplying in a fixed location in the intestine, while others come and go as food passes through the intestine. It is estimated that starting from the small intestine, as the intestine goes down, the density of bacteria also increases rapidly. In the small intestine, the number of bacteria is very rare, only about a thousand per milliliter; but in the large intestine, the number of bacteria increases exponentially, and the number of bacteria in one milliliter has reached hundreds of billions.The earth is the home of human life, and the human body is the home of bacteria. best probiotics natural grocers best probiotics natural grocers
There are billions of people on earth, and most of them are ordinary people living their own comfortable lives. Sometimes doing something good, such as giving the old man a seat, and sometimes doing uncivilized things, such as spitting, cursing, and swearing, will not have any fundamental impact on the earth. The same is true for the vast majority of bacteria in the human body. They just use the human body to obtain the space for survival and obtain some substances needed for survival. Humans are part of the global village, and bacteria are part of the human body. At the same time, there are also some bacteria. While they thrive, they also bring a lot of benefits to the human body where they live, such as decomposing some fibers that the human body cannot digest.Vitamins, synthesize some vitamins, remove toxins in the intestines, enhance the body’s immunity, help the body resist certain diseases and so on. Therefore, people call these bacteria probiotics. That is, for humans, it is a bacteria that is beneficial to life. best probiotics natural grocers best probiotics natural grocers

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