Kombucha and Longevity best probiotics in food

Minoru Daida, a medical doctor at Kyoto University in Japan, put forward the idea of ​​”healthy intestines and longevity”. He believes that one of the causes of human aging is directly related to the aging of the intestines: harmful bacteria in the large intestine catabolize food residues, produce harmful toxins, and easily lead to body aging. Therefore, if the micro-ecological environment in the gut changes, resulting in dysbiosis and an increase in harmful bacteria, the “gut age” will be greater than the actual age. For human health and longevity, aging should be prevented in the gut. best probiotics in food best probiotics in food
Kombucha contains three kinds of probiotics, yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria, which are very beneficial to the human body. They are all scavengers of the human intestine. Regular supplementation of these three bacteria can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and reduce the harm to the whole body caused by toxins produced by harmful bacteria in the intestine. Therefore, brewing kombucha at home and supplementing with probiotic kombucha in meals will often keep our intestinal age in a young state, so as to achieve the purpose of “healthy intestines and longevity”. best probiotics in food best probiotics in food
In Prostate Miracle, Anti-Fat Nutrition, Dr. Dallas says: “Everything enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract. In this way, probiotics and other supplements will directly affect the health of the gastrointestinal tract and have a significant impact on the entire gastrointestinal tract. The long-term health of the body plays an important role. The absorption of nutrients is largely affected by the number and type of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal The role of these probiotics.”Various probiotics represented by lactic acid bacteria are essential beneficial bacteria with important physiological functions in the human body. The number of them in the intestinal tract directly affects people’s health and even affects the length of human lifespan. The results of long-term research by scientists have proved that probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria are very important to human health and longevity. best probiotics in food
It has been determined that the number of lactic acid bacteria in the human intestine will gradually decrease with age. When a person is old or sick, the number of lactic acid bacteria may drop by 100 to 1000 times until the elderly die and disappear completely. The number of lactic acid bacteria in healthy people is 50 times more than that in patients, and the long-lived elderly are 60 times more than ordinary elderly people. Therefore, the number of lactic acid bacteria in the human body has become an important criterion for testing whether people can live a long and healthy life.
At present, due to the widespread application and even abuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics, the balance of intestinal flora in the human body has been severely damaged, the beneficial bacteria have been significantly reduced, and the resistance has gradually declined, resulting in more and more diseases being cured, and human health is greatly threatened. . Therefore, it is very important to improve the balance of intestinal flora by increasing the number of beneficial bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria in the human intestinal tract. Currently internationally recognized lactic acid bacteria are considered to be the safest strains and the most representative intestinal probiotics. The greater the number of probiotics represented by lactic acid bacteria in the human gut, the better, which is completely in line with the conclusion drawn by Nobel laureate biologist Mechnikov’s “longevity theory”: lactic acid bacteria = probiotics = longevity bacteria . best probiotics in food best probiotics in food

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