Amazing facts about probiotics probiotic acidophilus

400 strains of probiotics live in our body According to many investigations and studies, there are more than 400 strains of probiotics living in our bodies. Some of these probiotics are permanent residents, while others are temporary. Interestingly, only 20 large-scale bacteria, accounting for 75%, live in our bodies. Many scientists also believe that our resident probiotics that bind our DNA are more important for survival than our own DNA. Interestingly, no studies have shown that supplementing with probiotic strains will stay in the body for more than two weeks (National University of Singapore, Mah, etc.), the first 6 months of her life when infants and young children are given probiotic supplements. During these 6 months of supplementation, supplemental probiotic strains are present in the baby’s feces. However, after several weeks of stopping supplementation, no more probiotic strains were found in the stool. These results of this study and other studies indicate that supplementing with probiotics assists our local probiotic strains. The foreign probiotic strains form a beachhead to give our own local probiotics and allow our probiotics to multiply. This situation is similar to foreign armed forces invading a country, fighting against one “evil” faction, and allowing time for another “good” faction to spread. probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilusprobiotic acidophilus
Antibiotics completely destroy our body’s immune system As we all know, antibiotics can kill bacteria and can make us better. However, what is not well known is that antibiotics also kill our good bacteria. Since probiotics account for 70-80% of our immune response, antibiotics will kill our immunity. Our probiotics are dead, and opportunistic parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria will rush to fill the ecological gap. Moreover, the use of antibiotics can cause bacterial resistance, making antibiotics unbeatable. probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus
Eating probiotics is known to have more than 100 advantages According to the book “Probiotics” written by Dr. Cassia Adam, supplementing with probiotics has more than 100 benefits. Hundreds of studies have shown that different types of probiotics confer different health benefits. However, we must take these probiotics at the right angle. For example, almost every study of probiotics requires patients to take high-dose treatments for at least two months. In many cases, the benefits given by research are after a full year of daily high-dose supplementation. probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus
Consumption of probiotics is better than consumption of vitamins Facts have proven that probiotics produce a large number of vitamins, such as: vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B1-B3, B5, B7, B9, B12 essential fatty acids; therefore, it may be necessary to supplement the B vitamins for proper probiotic flora. . I look forward to the day when probiotic companies and organic food companies will shut down vitamin companies. In addition, probiotics can also increase digestibility, bioavailability and process a large number of nutrients, including: copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, protein, fat, carbohydrate, sugar, milk, phytonutrients, and cholesterol. In his book. probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus probiotic acidophilus

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