The meaning and function of probiotics probiotic foods

1. What are probiotics and prebiotics? Probiotics (Probiotics) Living microorganisms, sufficient numbers, proven functional health benefits. Prebiotics are nutrients for beneficial bacteria, which can promote the growth and reproduction of probiotics and regulate the structure and quantity of intestinal flora. (Such as inulin, oligosaccharides, chito-oligosaccharides, isomaltose, bifidus factor). The content of galacto-oligosaccharides in breast milk is higher, and the establishment of the bifidobacterium flora in infants largely depends on the low content of breast milk. Polygalactose ingredients. It has strong acid resistance and can be effectively used by bifidobacteria and lactobacilli at the same time. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
2. Status of the intestine The intestine is the human body’s largest “pollution plant”-80% of toxins The intestine is the human body’s largest “gas station”-99% nutrition The intestine is the body’s largest immune organ-70% immunity. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
3. Where are so many bacteria? The small intestine is about 6–7 meters long. There are countless villi or microvilli folds on the surface of the intestine. The basketball court, Bacteroides, Bacteroides, Peptococcus and Lactobacillus forms an important bacterial pool. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
4. How many gut bacteria are there? Microorganisms are 10 times that of cells; more than 1,000 species, 100 trillion, 1.5KG; 30%, 60%, 10%; 99% of the human body’s bacteria are the first most important barrier for the body to defend against diseases. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
5. Why can lactic acid bacteria prevent influenza? Secreted IgA (SIgA) covers the surface of the respiratory tract, intestine and bladder mucosa, inhibits the attachment of pathogenic bacteria, and slows down the reproduction of viruses. Animal experiments have shown that taking lactic acid bacteria will increase the natural killer cell activity of lung cells and the concentration of interferon by 2.5 times and 12 times, respectively, and the amount of virus in the nasal cavity will also be reduced by more than five times. 326 healthy children 3-5 years old took probiotics for 6 months, the proportion of fever was reduced by 75%, cough was 65%, the number of fever days was reduced by 32%, and the use of antibiotics was reduced by 85%. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
6. Effectively prevent the occurrence of type 2 diabetes Glucose is the favorite of probiotics, blood sugar drops, fat-converting glycogen is reduced, and weight is controlled. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods
7. Probiotics antagonize Helicobacter pylori Gram-negative bacteria, spiral or rod-shaped, with flagella; Metabolism enzymes: urease, catalase, peroxidase; Toxin production: Vac A, Cag A; Only natural host: human Test models such as acid tolerance, inhibition of Helicobacter pylori growth, and ability to reduce urease activity. Significantly reduce the level of anti-Hp-IgG antibodies in mice and the colonization of Hp intestinal tract. Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods Probiotic Foods

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