The Best Dental Supplements for a Healthy Mouth and Body are Oral Probiotics. w cibaria probiotic

What are probiotics in the mouth?

Oral probiotics, also known as dental probiotics, are bacteria strains that promote good oral health and a healthy mouth. These probiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. They also aid in the prevention of the formation of harmful microorganisms. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

Since gut health is one of the newest health fads, you’ve definitely heard a lot about it recently. The mouth, like the gut, has its own ecology of bacteria, known as the oral microbiome. In a nutshell, oral probiotics increase the health of the mouth’s microbiome and aid in the maintenance of a healthy bacterial balance. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

Let’s discuss about bacteria in the mouth.

Hundreds of billions of bacteria live in your mouth. They originate from a variety of locations. They started colonizing you the moment you were born, and more are added throughout your life – swallowed with every glass of water you drink or every kiss you give. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

Not all of them plant roots in your mouth; some simply pass through; but, a large number of them choose to stay in your mouth indefinitely. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

More than 700 different kinds of oral bacteria make up your oral microbiome, which is made up of these microorganisms. The good bacteria in your mouth protect you and help you fight tooth decay, but the bad bacteria can cause cavities and gum disease. All of these bacteria come together to form a biofilm, also known as dental plaque. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

Your bacteria live in harmony in a healthy mouth, but if you have a poor diet, poor dental hygiene, or other health and autoimmune concerns, the balance is upset, and bad bacteria can take over. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

If left untreated, a variety of negative consequences might occur, including poor breath, decay, and tooth loss.

The microbiome of the gut and the microbiome of the mouth

Bacteria from the mouth can migrate to the stomach biome via — you guessed it — saliva. Oral bacteria use saliva as a major mode of transfer. These bacterial hitchhikers make their way into your saliva and then into your intestines. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

Thankfully, stomach acid acts as a barrier in the gut, but some bacteria, such as Porphyromonas gingivalis, are acid-resistant. Gum disease is caused by this oral bacterium, which can also induce dysbiosis, or an imbalance in the gut microbiome. probioticseverything.comw cibaria probiotic

There are a variety of potential negative health consequences when this occurs, including: Obesity, Type II diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Pancreatic cancer, Gastrointestinal cancer, Alzheimer’s disease …and, unfortunately, more.

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