Probiotics can help stabilize the calcium content in the body probiotics side effects

High levels of calcium in the body are also harmful. Why calcium plays a big role in the process of signal transduction. Simply put, the process of signal transduction refers to the process of receiving signals from outside the cell and then passing it into the cell, affecting DNA. When this process occurs on nerve cells, it affects the voltage gradient required for the passage of electrical impulses. Calcium is a charged molecule. Changing the amount of calcium inside and outside the cell will change the cell’s ability to generate electricity. probiotics side effects probiotics side effects
Probiotics can help stabilize the calcium content in the body. A large amount of calcium ingested by the body will be consumed by probiotics, and the indigestible calcium of probiotics will be excreted together with other normal body wastes. Moreover, calcium is usually in a bound state, so if there is too little calcium in the body, probiotics will also liberate calcium from the bound state. probiotics side effects probiotics side effects
Since the generation born in the “baby fever” era is rapidly approaching the age of early Alzheimer’s disease, we should learn more about this disease. Especially consider that many government managers are at or close to this age. Former U.S. President Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s shortly after leaving office. This shocked people because it hinted at the president’s physical condition at the time. probiotics side effects probiotics side effects
Before finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, probiotic therapy is very valuable, at least it can slow the progression of the disease. Probiotics can not only slow down Alzheimer’s disease, but also slow down the process of human aging. There are few places in the world that are famous for longevity. Most of them have the same habit of using probiotic fermented milk like the longevity people in Bulgaria. Researchers from China and Japan have conducted detailed studies on the intestinal flora of healthy elderly people in Changshou Village (Yamanashi County, Japan; Ma County, Guangxi, China) and found that their diets are relatively simple and regular, mainly There are wheat, barley, corn, beans, potatoes, vegetables, etc. Such a dietary structure means that protein, fat and calories are low, and dietary fiber is rich. The conclusions of the researchers of the two countries are also very consistent: the number of beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacteria) in the intestines of these long-lived elderly people is greater, while the number of harmful bacteria (Weicheniella) is less. This shows that probiotics have anti-aging effects. Because bifidobacteria can activate the human immune system, and maintain the function of immune surveillance and immune clearance at any time, and constantly eliminate aging, dead cells and mutant cells, so that the human body will not age due to the accumulation of dead cells and waste. probiotics side effects
Many scientists believe that the whole process of human cells from birth to death is about 25 generations, and the time for a new generation of human cells is about 5 years, thus deducing the upper limit of human life span to 125 years. Therefore, it is not impossible to improve the function and health of the human body through probiotic therapy, thereby extending the current average life span of humans by 10-20 years. probiotics side effects

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