Probiotics and Infant Gut Health best probiotics leaky gut

Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to humans and animals. refers to the improvement of the host intestinal It plays a beneficial role in the ecological balance of the flora and improves the health of the host (human and animal). and healthy live bacteria preparations and their metabolites. So what is the link between probiotics and infant gastrointestinal health? Does it matter? best probiotics leaky gut best probiotics leaky gut
The human gut is a huge reservoir of bacteria. The number of normal flora that maintains health is in the tens of trillions ~ Hundreds of trillions, weighing more than 15~2 kilograms. 95% of the flora of the human body is in the digestive tract, which The quantity is closely related to the aerobic environment and the pH value of the digestive tract. The bacteria in the human gut are: beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria and harmless bacteria. Beneficial bacteria that protect human health, such as bifidobacteria, lactic acid bacteria, etc., have the functions of nutrition, disease resistance (immunity), “sterilization and attenuation”, that is, biological antagonism: harmful bacteria, such as E. aerogenes, staphylococcus, etc., Its quantity exceeds the normal range and can cause disease: harmless bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, enterococcus, etc., these bacteria are harmless when the intestinal flora ecology is in a balanced state, but when the intestinal flora is in a state of imbalance, it will cause disease . Bifidobacterium plays an important role in protecting human health, and the following focuses on bifidobacteria. best probiotics leaky gut best probiotics leaky gut
Bifidobacterium binds to phosphatase in intestinal mucosal epithelial cells in the infant intestine, and Other anaerobic bacteria together occupy the surface of the intestinal mucosa, forming a biological barrier to prevent disease Invasion of bacteria and opportunistic pathogens. In the infant intestine, Bifidobacterium combines with phosphatase in the intestinal mucosal epithelial cells to occupy the surface of the intestinal mucosa together with other anaerobic bacteria, forming a biological barrier to prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and opportunistic pathogens. best probiotics leaky gut best probiotics leaky gut
Intestinal flora disorder is an important cause of indigestion and diarrhea in infants and young children. Therefore, restoring and increasing the number of bifidobacteria and their advantages, and rebuilding the intestinal microecological balance are important for preventing and successfully treating viral, bacterial, and fungal infections. and even an important measure for diarrhea associated with antibiotic use. Scientists believe that the proliferation of probiotics in the gut can promote and improve the body’s systemic immunity. So, do you understand the role of probiotics? Long-term drinking of beverages containing a lot of probiotics can prevent cancer and tumor diseases, as well as prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Let’s focus on foods that contain probiotics to strengthen our baby’s resistance. best probiotics leaky gut best probiotics leaky gut

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