Probiotic action and the whole list of probiotics raw probiotics 100 billion

Can bacteria do good things? Many years ago, people thought it was incredible. Now with the development of science and technology, people realize that small bacteria can also help a lot, and “probiotics” appear in various terms. So what are the benefits of probiotics, and how does it turn defeat into victory and win people’s favor? raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
Common benefits of probiotics: 1. Prevent or improve diarrhea: Poor eating habits or taking antibiotics can disrupt the balance of intestinal flora, resulting in diarrhea. Supplementing with probiotics can help balance the intestinal flora and restore normal intestinal pH to relieve diarrhea symptoms. 2. Relieve the symptoms of lactose intolerance; Lactobacillus can help the body break down lactose, relieve diarrhea, flatulence and other uncomfortable symptoms, and can be eaten with milk. 3. Enhance human immunity: Probiotics can regulate the immune activity that is too low or too high to a normal state by stimulating the immune function in the intestinal tract. 4. Promote the health of the intestinal digestive system: Probiotics can inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria in the intestine, reduce toxins, and promote intestinal peristalsis, thereby improving intestinal function and improving defecation. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
Now, many baby foods – milk powder, complementary food, nutritional products, etc., are mostly added with probiotics as a highlight of the product. But we all know that some strains are inedible, such as Enterococcus subtilis, etc. These are opportunistic pathogens that are potentially harmful to the body. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
Research and development priorities and trends of probiotic health products (1) Multi-strain products: Simulate the types and proportions of different probiotic microorganisms in the micro-ecological environment of the human body, develop multi-strain probiotic products, and use their synergistic probiotic effects to improve their health care functions. (2) Develop probiotic health food with new health functions. (3) Probiotics + prebiotics, the combined application of probiotics and prebiotics can not only supplement active probiotics, but also selectively increase the number of intestinal probiotics, making the probiotic effect more significant and lasting. (4) Enteric solvent type: Microencapsulate and encapsulate some low-resistance probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria, so that they can be released after reaching the intestinal tract, improve stability and vitality, and avoid bacteria caused by high acidity in the stomach. loss of vitality. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
The microencapsulated embedding agent will not dissolve in the low pH gastric juice, so the microencapsulated bacteria are well protected by embedding, not affected by gastric acid, and can maintain good activity to reach the intestinal tract. In the high pH environment in the intestinal tract, the microencapsulated embedding agent dissolves, and the highly active bacteria are released to exert their effect. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion

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