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Prebiotics are not probiotics, but a paradise for probiotics. It is a non-digestible food ingredient that has beneficial effects on the host by selectively stimulating the growth and proliferation of one or a limited number of probiotics, thereby enhancing the health of the host. Prebiotics should have the following four conditions: (1) It can neither be hydrolyzed nor absorbed by the host in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract; (2) It can only selectively stimulate the growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium, etc.) in the intestines or activate metabolic functions; (3) It can improve the composition and quantity of the intestinal flora that are beneficial to health; (4) It can play a role in enhancing the health of the host body. probiotics capsules probiotics capsules
Common prebiotics are: fructooligosaccharides, soybean oligosaccharides, isomaltooligosaccharides,lactultooligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides, oligomannoses, gentiosaccharides, xylo-oligosaccharides, inulin, etc. . These oligosaccharides, as Bifidobacterium proliferation factors, not only have many physiologically active functions, but also And because the properties of oligosaccharides are similar to those of sucrose, but the calorie and sweetness are lower than those of sucrose, it can be partially used in the food industry instead of sucrose to develop various foods with health care functions, such as: dairy products (milk powder, soybean milk powder, fermentation milk, lactic acid bacteria beverages), beverages, frozen food, bread, snacks, etc. probiotics capsules probiotics capsules
Don’t be intimidated by these unfamiliar terms. In fact, prebiotics are more present in natural foods. Take the typical and well-known prebiotics – inulin and fructooligosaccharides, for example, which are widely present in 36,000 natural plants. Inulin in certain everyday plants High content, such as leeks, onions, bamboo shoots, garlic, chrysanthemum bamboo shoots, artichokes and so on. There are two types of foods in the human diet that contain natural prebiotics: dietary fiber and oligosaccharides. probiotics capsules
Extraction method of prebiotics We can extract some active ingredients from nature that are beneficial to the proliferation of probiotics, which is the basic way to discover prebiotics.Here are a few: 1. Extracted from animal liver and pancreas. The animal pancreas was crushed, treated with papain, maintained at a suitable temperature (50°C), boiled with a slightly acidic (pH value of about 5.7) reaction solution, filtered, and the filtrate was concentrated. 2. Extracted from soybean. The soybean is made into soymilk, and then the protein is coagulated with lactophosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride is added to the supernatant, and the precipitate is removed by heating at the same time, and then filtered with gauze. The non-filtered component is the active component of soybean oligosaccharide. 3. Extracted from carrots. By extracting carrot powder with methanol, five active ingredients can be obtained from the extract. 4. Extracted from milk. The temperature of the milk was kept at 45°C, stirred for 3 hours with pepsin and hydrochloric acid, boiled for 15 minutes, cooled, filtered and the precipitate was dried. probiotics capsules probiotics capsules

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