Is It Better To Take Probiotic Supplements With A Higher CFU Count? probiotic 25 billion cfu

To say the least, figures like 900 million, 5 billion, and 50 billion CFUs are mind-boggling. Working with millions and billions of probiotics can be immensely complicated and intimidating when hunting for the ideal one. How are we expected to pick a CFU count when we can’t even comprehend such large numbers? To put things in perspective, our bodies contain over 100 trillion germs at any given time. This amounts to around 5 pounds of germs in total. Yikes! Now we have an excuse for not being able to squeeze into our slim fit jeans from last winter. 🙂 probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

Let’s start with a reminder on what CFU truly stands for. The term “colony forming units” (CFU) is used to describe how many bacteria in probiotics may divide and form colonies. That’s a mouthful, but consider CFUs to be a single bacterium. If probiotic bacteria are able to split and form colonies, we know they are alive and active. We’re all on the same page now, and we all know what CFU stands for. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

Is a greater CFU count in probiotic supplements preferable to a lower one? The answer to this query is contingent on why you’re taking probiotic pills in the first place. Many people take probiotics on a daily basis to keep their digestive and immune systems in good shape. In this scenario, a lower CFU count makes sense and is capable of completing the task. 5-10 billion CFUs is a healthy range for a daily probiotic. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

So, what about the CFU supplements with a larger concentration of bacteria? Higher doses of live cells are best for certain illnesses or minor health issues. 15-45 billion CFUs is a nice range to work with when dealing with various diseases. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, allergies, eczema, and several respiratory infections are some of the conditions that may benefit from larger CFU doses. If you have a serious health concern, make an appointment with your personal physician first. The additional benefits or potential negatives of 45+ billion CFUs are currently unknown. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

Although consuming exceptionally high doses of probiotics has been linked to stomach pain, gas, and bloating in some persons. Keep in mind that the largest CFU doses, 45+ billion, are most likely merely a marketing ploy to trick you into thinking that more cells = more advantages. All this means is that you can be paying a greater premium for something you don’t require. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

Probiotics: How to Keep Them Alive for a Longer Time

You want the healthy cells to stay alive and potent whether you’re taking a high dose or a low dose probiotic. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

The following are some helpful hints for extending cell life:

Follow the bottle’s exact instructions.

If the label specifies, keep the product refrigerated after opening or at all times.

Probiotics should not be exposed to high temperatures or heat.

After each usage, make sure to tightly close your probiotic bottle.

If you handle the vitamins and then put them back in the container, you risk introducing moisture from your hands into the bottle. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

Last Thoughts

Probiotic supplements might be beneficial to your overall health or for specific ailments. Aim for 5-10 billion CFUs in a daily probiotic dose. 15–45 billion CFUs is a reasonable range to stick to for a given condition. probioticseverything.comprobiotic 25 billion cfu

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