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How do you pick the correct probiotic for you? n 1 probiotic lab one

There are four factors to consider, according to Kristin Oja, DNP, FNP-C, IFCMP:

1. Think about the brand.

Because there are no FDA standards governing the supplement sector, it’s difficult to tell what kind of product you’re buying. We suggest choosing a supplement that has undergone third-party testing. This indicates that it has been reviewed by an unbiased group to confirm that the ingredients listed on the label correspond to the contents of the capsule, tablet, or powder. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one, NSF International, UL, and the United States Pharmacopeia are a few non-profit organizations that conduct this testing. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one

It’s crucial to remember that these organizations only check ingredient lists, not corporate claims (such “all natural,” “heal your gut now,” or “restore digestive health”), so don’t believe everything on the container, even if it’s third-party certified. It also doesn’t imply that the supplement is suitable for you. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one

Working with a healthcare expert to evaluate what is best for you is my advise.

2. Examine the CFUs

The term “colony-forming unit” stands for “colony-forming unit.” The number of live organisms in the supplement is represented by this number. While a greater CFU is a helpful signal, it does not always imply that the product is better. It’s all about finding the correct balance for you, but we recommend between 10 and 50 billion CFUs in general. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one

Unfortunately, stomach acid destroys many probiotics on the market before they reach your small and large intestines. It doesn’t matter how many CFUs you start with if the probiotic you’re taking isn’t properly created and researched. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one

Many of the research-backed probiotics are available in enteric capsules, which are resistant to stomach acid. It’s critical to go the extra mile and ensure that the probiotic firm you’re working with has conducted research to show that the CFUs are well absorbed up until the expiration date. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab one

**Unfortunately, there is nothing on a label that can guarantee that the CFUs are correct and well absorbed. probioticseverything.comn 1 probiotic lab onen 1 probiotic lab one

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