Health benefits of probiotics Probiotics vaginal health

1. Nutritional effects Probiotics can decompose proteins, fats and sugars through enzymatic hydrolysis in the intestinal tract, which is beneficial to digestion and absorption. The lactic acid produced after lactic acid fermentation can improve the predigestion of food in the stomach, improve the utilization rate of calcium, phosphorus and iron and the absorption of vitamin D. Li Xinhong et al.4 added compound enzymes and probiotics to the basal diet of healthy adult deer to conduct digestion and metabolism tests, and found that adding compound enzymes and probiotics could significantly improve the stability of the products and improve the quality of protein, fiber, and commodi- ties in the seed food. Utilization of nutrients such as Yuanying. probiotics vaginal health probiotics vaginal health
2. Inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria The F6PPK enzyme (fructose-6-phosphoketolase) unique to Bifidobacterium in probiotics can decompose glucose into acetic acid and lactic acid in the metabolic pathway, reduce the pH in the intestine, and inhibit the growth of some spoilage bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. Thereby maintaining the balance of the intestinal tract. Huang Jiying and others evaluated the curative effect of bifidobacteria in eradicating Helicobacter phylum by observing 120 patients for 7 days. Helicobacter pylori eradication rate was 87%. Another study found that bifidobacteria not only inhibited the growth of Bacteroides common, but also It also protects the intestinal epithelium, including the collecting lymph nodes, from the invasion of Bacteroides common. probiotics vaginal health probiotics vaginal health
3. Improve immune function The body’s immune function declines with age, and the dysfunction of the immune system will lead to health problems, such as allergies and inflammatory reactions. Studies have shown that probiotics can enhance non-specific immunity and specific immune responses by activating giant cells, enhancing cell activity and increasing the level of immunoglobulin (specifically, IgA). Zhang Fengjuan et al. administered oral probiotics to hospitalized premature infants for 14 days, observed clinical indicators and peripheral blood-related immunological indicators, and found that probiotics can significantly affect the maturity and development of immune function in premature infants. probiotics vaginal health probiotics vaginal health
4. Inhibit tumor production Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus lactis, Streptococcus brevis and various bifidobacteria or yogurt supernatant have quite strong antitumor activity. The researchers found that when the treated rats were given both subcutaneous injections of chlorinated diaminomethane (AOM) and lyophilized cultures of bifidobacteria, compared with the control group injected with AOM alone without bifidobacteria. The incidence of colon cancer, the volume of colon tumors during tumor growth, and the pleomorphism of cancer tissues were significantly reduced in the rat probiotics vaginal health probiotics vaginal health

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