Health benefits and mechanisms of probiotic kombucha best kombucha probiotics

In recent years, the practice of research and application of kombucha in domestic and foreign medical circles has shown that kombucha can have therapeutic and health care effects on a variety of chronic diseases, such as cleaning up the stomach, smoothing bowel movements, adjusting blood pressure, and reducing blood lipids; arteriosclerosis slows down, heart disease improves, Recovery of renal function, elimination of liver disorders; smaller gallbladder and kidney stones, milder cough due to phlegm and asthma, restful sleep for insomniacs, and decreased function in menopause. Kombucha itself is antibacterial, has strong bactericidal power, fast fermentation, and high degree of acidification. best kombucha probiotics best kombucha probiotics
Due to the fermentation of kombucha strains in the culture medium, a variety of substances beneficial to human health are produced, such as yeast, acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and other microorganisms. Yeast cells contain a large amount of amino acids and digested proteins, and yeast are often used in industry to directly manufacture proteins. In addition, yeast glucose, inorganic salts, VB, VE, etc. contained in yeast have a good nutritional effect on the human body, especially the cell wall of yeast can produce a substance called “B Guluqian”, this substance It is a recognized anti-cancer and anti-cancer substance in all countries in the world; acetic acid bacteria can absorb the alcohol decomposed by yeast, secrete acetase, oxidize the alcohol into acetic acid and water, and release heat at the same time, so that the nutrients in the human body can be fully utilized, promoting metabolism. best kombucha probiotics best kombucha probiotics
The existence of lactic acid bacteria destroys the growth environment of harmful bacteria, so that the growth of harmful bacteria is inhibited until death in the case of partial acid. Therefore, kombucha can indeed enhance the body’s ability to resist diseases, play a role in preventing and curing diseases, and achieve the purpose of prolonging life. . best kombucha probiotics best kombucha probiotics
Because kombucha does have the effect of preventing and curing diseases, Chinese folk often regard kombucha as a “sacred tea” that can cure all diseases: drinking kombucha, some hypertensive patients can maintain stable blood pressure; some atrophic gastritis The patient’s condition improved significantly; some patients’ constipation disappeared after drinking; more people felt energetic, fatigue-removed, skin moisturizing, and disease-resistant ability enhanced after drinking. In the prevention and health care of many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases, obesity, alopecia areata, etc., kombucha has achieved gratifying effects. Therefore, Russian microbiologist Mechnikov praised kombucha as “the drink of immortality”. best kombucha probiotics best kombucha probiotics

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