H. pylori infection: 7 natural remedies probiotic h pylori infection

There have been numerous in vivo and in vitro investigations on natural H. pylori therapies. The majority of therapies lowered the quantity of germs in the stomach but did not eliminate them completely. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection

Before starting a natural treatment regimen, consult with your doctor. Natural therapies should not be used to substitute your H. pylori therapy.

Natural therapies can be used as adjuvant therapy with your doctor’s approval. This could amplify the effects of traditional medications. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection


Probiotics aid in the balance of healthy and bad microorganisms in the gut. Taking probiotics before or after normal H. pylori treatment may boost eradication rates, according to a 2012 study. In your stomach, antibiotics destroy both beneficial and dangerous microorganisms. Probiotics aid in the replenishment of beneficial bacteria. They may also lower your chances of getting yeast overgrowth. The bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus, according to the researchers, produces the best outcomes. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection

Green tea

Green tea was found to help kill and delay the growth of Helicobacter bacteria in mice in a 2009 study. Green tea consumption before an infection reduces stomach inflammation, according to the study. During an infection, drinking the tea lowered the severity of gastritis. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection


Honey has been found to have antibacterial properties against H. pylori. This conclusion is backed up by more research. Honey has yet to be proven to be effective in eradicating bacteria on its own, according to study. Honey may minimize treatment duration when used in conjunction with traditional treatments, according to researchers. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection

Olive oil

H. pylori bacteria may also be treated with olive oil. Olive oil provides antibacterial properties against eight H. pylori strains, according to a 2007 study. Three of the strains are resistant to antibiotics. Olive oil is also unaffected by stomach acid. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection

Root of licorice

The root of licorice is a popular natural cure for stomach ulcers. It may also be effective against H. pylori. According to a 2009 study, licorice root can not kill bacteria directly, but it can help it avoid adhering to cell walls. Online shopping offers a wide range of possibilities. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection

Brussel sprouts

Sulphoraphane, a chemical found in broccoli sprouts, may be beneficial against H. pylori. It appears to lower stomach inflammation in mice and people, according to research. It may also reduce bacterial colonization and its consequences. Broccoli sprout powder was found to be effective against H. pylori bacteria in a trial of persons with type 2 diabetes and H. pylori. It also improved risk factors for cardiovascular disease. probioticseverything.comprobiotic h pylori infection


H. pylori is susceptible to light, according to studies. Phototherapy is a treatment that uses UV light to kill H. pylori in the stomach. The use of phototherapy in the stomach, according to researchers, is safe. When antibiotics aren’t an option, it can be the best solution.

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