Active ingredients of probiotic kombucha best probiotics brands for weight loss

Some experts at home and abroad have analyzed the components contained in the kombucha bacteria liquid. However, due to the differences in the strains, culture conditions, analysis methods, and analysis focus, the results of different resources are also different. not exactly. German GuntherwFrank (1991) believed that kombucha contains glucuronic acid, gluconic acid, acetic acid, alcohol, lactic acid, amino acid, protein, folic acid, lichenic acid, Vc and various B vitamins. c-HLiu et al. (1995) analyzed two types of kombucha from Taiwan by HPLC and showed that the Contains glycerol, acetic acid and ethanol. Michael R Roussin (1996) in the United States reported the chemical composition analysis of 19 kombucha samples from the United States and other parts of the world by HPLC/MS/PDAD (High Performance Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry/Photoelectric Scanning), and the results were not found before. It is almost a recognized functional factor glucuronic acid, and the content of various vitamins is very small, but many substances that have not been detected by predecessors have been detected. best probiotics brands for weight loss best probiotics brands for weight loss best probiotics brands for weight loss
They detected more than 40 chemicals from these 19 kombucha species. How these substances work after entering the human body requires further scientific research. Biliana Bauer-Petrovska (1998) analyzed the minerals and soluble vitamins in kombucha by atomic absorption chromatography and thin layer chromatography, and the results showed that the trace elements zinc, copper, iron, manganese, nickel and cobalt beneficial to the human body The content of tea is higher than that in unfermented tea, and the content of lead and chromium, which are harmful to the human body, is very small, and it is much less than that in tea. This shows that through the action of microorganisms, beneficial elements can be increased and harmful elements can be reduced. Acetobacter xylinum can rapidly oxidize glucose into gluconic acid and other precursors of Vc in tea water. Vc is also an essential substance for the repressor of the synthesis of physiological hyaluronic acid. The repressor prevents the action of hyaluronidase. At the same time, Vc is also indispensable in the process of cytoplasmic generation. They stop the metastasis, spread and extension of cancer cells. best probiotics brands for weight loss best probiotics brands for weight loss best probiotics brands for weight loss

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