Why Is Breakfast the Easiest Meal of the Day to Increase Probiotic Consumption? special k probiotics

Breakfast is by far the easiest time of day to consume more probiotics, regardless of whether you prefer sweet or savory foods. After creating a cookbook about how to add probiotic foods into your diet, I learned that many of them are a perfect fit first thing in the morning. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

I want you to have the same aha moment that I had, so let’s start with a rundown of some probiotic foods, followed by a look at the most popular healthy breakfasts where they have a natural place, exactly like I do in The Probiotic Kitchen. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Many probiotic foods are ideal to have first thing in the morning. You’ve got yogurt (don’t forget about cultured coconut yogurt! ), skyr, kefir, and cultured cottage cheese, all of which are fermented dairy heavy hitters that you may already connect with breakfast. Then there are probiotic foods like kimchi, fermented cabbage, and tempeh, which you would not think of first thing in the morning but should definitely be included in your morning meal. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Smoothies: Any of your favorite fermented dairy products will go well in these creamy smoothies. In your next smoothie, add up to 1/2 cup of yogurt (normal, Greek, or cultured coconut yogurt), skyr, milk kefir, or cultured cottage cheese. It will also add extra protein to the drink, making it more full. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Overnight oats and Bircher muesli: Overnight oats and Bircher muesli are made-ahead oats that are often blended with milk. By replacing some of the milk with milk kefir or adding in some yogurt, you can give them a probiotic boost. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Place your eggs (any way you prepare them!) on a bed of Greek yogurt, and I guarantee it won’t be the last time. Kimchi and fermented kraut (up to 1/4 cup) can also be used as an omelet filling; simply wait until the eggs have set and the skillet has been removed from the heat before adding. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Sandwiches for breakfast A layer of fermented cabbage (any sort is fine!) or kimchi on top of your favorite breakfast sandwich gives the most delectable flavor punch.

Breakfast bowls: The beauty of breakfast bowls is that they can be sweet, savory, or a combination of the two, and, more significantly, they can contain anything! I like to add a huge dollop of Greek yogurt and a forkful of kraut or kimchi to mine. Crumbled tempeh adds probiotics and protein to the dish. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

Avocado toast with kraut or kimchi: A big forkful of kraut or kimchi is a quick and easy way to jazz up plain avocado toast. Mix some of the brine into the mashed avocado to take it a step further. Underneath the avocado, apply a layer of cultured cottage cheese or yogurt. probioticseverything.comspecial k probiotics

If you like ricotta toast, try a fast whirl through the food processor with cultured cottage cheese. The curds smooth out, leaving you with a wonderfully creamy (and probiotic-rich!) toast topper that tastes just like ricotta.

Greek yogurt with a dollop of jam or a tiny drizzle of maple syrup or honey has become my new go-to for pancakes, French toast, and waffles.

Now it’s your time! What’s your go-to method for getting a probiotic boost first thing in the morning?

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