The role of probiotics 8 probiotics strains

Secretion of enzymes, activation of enzymes. What is an enzyme? It is neither a medicine nor a supplement. It is an important nutrient in our body. Enzymes are chemically called “catalytic enzymes”. Each biochemical application must be catalyzed by a specific enzyme. The human body is the most sophisticated chemical factory. There are more than 6,000 biochemical reactions going on every minute and every second. Correspondingly, there must be more than 6,000 kinds of enzymes to catalyze the completion, and the human body can only synthesize more than 3,000 kinds of enzymes. Nearly 3,000 kinds of enzymes must be ingested by the outside world and secreted by probiotics. When the enzymes in the human body are insufficient, it is easy to get sick. Focus on death. The major effects of enzymes on people can be reflected in the following points:
① Digestion, absorption of food and nutrients The main function of lipolytic enzymes, amylolytic enzymes and proteolytic enzymes is to decompose and digest fat, starch, and protein, which can promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients, and can decompose excess body fat to play a role in body sculpting. fruit. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains
② engage in anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory. Enzymes can activate immune cells (macrophages, leukocytes, lymphocytes) to enhance cellular immunity, and stimulate the body to produce antibodies and interferons to enhance humoral immunity. Enzymes such as lysozymes in immune cells dissolve bacteria and viruses and their harmful toxins. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains
③Activate cells, repair necrotic cells, and promote metabolism. Various biochemical reactions in cells The reaction is all catalyzed by enzymes. When the enzymes are lacking, the reaction speed will slow down and the metabolic function will be reduced. It can be reduced, and supplementing enough enzymes can ensure that the biochemical reactions in the cells are in the best state Maintain a good metabolism. The decomposition of necrotic cells is accomplished by intracellular autolyase, The synthesis of new cells must also be catalyzed by enzymes. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains
④ Detoxification, detoxification, purification of blood to improve physical fitness. Toxins in the human body are degraded by the synthesis of various detoxification enzymes in the liver and other organs, and each toxin must be decomposed by a unique enzyme. Including various macromolecular nutrients, toxins and wastes in the intestines, body fluids, blood vessels and cells, they are also metabolized, converted or decomposed and cleared by enzymes. Solve problems such as constipation. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains
⑤ Enhance immunity, improve self-healing power, decompose carcinogens and cancer bud cells. Enzymes can activate and enhance T cells, B cells, macrophages in the immune system, stimulate the body to produce interferon: promote cell synthesis, repair damaged DNA, scavenge free radicals, decompose carcinogens, and resist the growth of tumor cells. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains
⑥ Balance osmotic pressure and adjust PH value. Enzymes can regulate the ion flux of the cell membrane, keep the potassium, sodium and other ions inside and outside the cell in a certain proportion, maintain a certain osmotic pressure inside and outside the cell and the nutrients with high pH value will generate many metabolic wastes in the process of absorption and metabolism. 8 probiotics strains 8 probiotics strains

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