The effect of probiotics on stomach problems raw probiotics 100 billion

With the increase of age, the pressure of life and work increases, many people’s body is in a sub-health state, and the human body’s metabolic function decreases. Among them, the changes in the digestive system are more pronounced especially in the elderly. For example: tooth loss affects chewing function; taste buds on the surface of the tongue atrophy, taste cells are reduced, and are not sensitive to salty taste; saliva, digestive juice, digestive enzymes and other secretions are reduced, affecting food absorption and utilization. In addition, the lack of exercise in some young people leads to a decrease in esophageal peristalsis and gastrointestinal emptying rate, prolonging the passage of stool through the intestine, making the stool hard and often constipation. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
We know that there are hundreds of different bacterial flora in the intestine. In the neonatal period, 90% of the intestinal bacteria are probiotics, while the proportion of probiotics in the adult intestinal bacteria is only 10%~15% ; Lack of exercise and the proportion of people after the age of 60 are even lower. With the significant reduction in the number of probiotics in the body, coupled with the decline in resistance, intestinal infections are more likely to occur. Nutrition experts advocate to encourage sub-healthy people and people over 60 to take probiotics every day to supplement the “good” bacteria in the body, so that the beneficial bacteria are always at a high level, thereby inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and reducing intestinal infections incidence rate. “Beneficial” bacteria can also promote digestion, reduce toxin production, reduce gastrointestinal disorders, help bowel movements, and effectively improve constipation. In addition, probiotics can prevent intestinal disease and reduce the risk of colon cancer. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
Stomach disease is easy to recur, so it is natural to take gastric medicine regularly. But few people know that long-term use of bismuth-based gastric medicines can damage the brain and lead to poor memory. Therefore, experts suggest that to cure stomach problems, the key issue is the repair and regeneration of gastric mucosa. Only by restoring the damaged mucous membrane to a normal state of health can fundamentally cure stomach problems. Therefore, an effective measure to relieve stomach problems is to take probiotics every day. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion
Probiotics are live microorganisms that maintain the balance of human intestinal flora and have potential health-promoting effects on the human body. The microecological regulators in probiotics can not only prevent diseases, adjust human microecological disorders, maintain intestinal microecological balance, improve human health, and improve health, but also use the principle of biological antagonism to achieve the purpose of treating bacteria with bacteria. In particular, probiotics regulate from the root of the intestinal tract, have a lasting effect, and have irreplaceable therapeutic effects of traditional antibiotics, greatly changing the methods and standards of human use of antibiotics. With the popularity of the microecological theory, medicine has moved from the era of bacteriostasis to the era of promoting bacteria. “Treating bacteria with bacteria” is to allow beneficial bacteria to colonize the intestinal tract, inhibit the reproduction and proliferation of harmful bacteria, and make the human body achieve a healthy state. When supplementing probiotics, we should also have good dietary habits, eat less foods that are not conducive to the growth of probiotics, such as high-fat and low-fiber, and eat more vegetables and fruits. raw probiotics 100 billion raw probiotics 100 billion

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