The development trend of probiotic research probiotic quizlet

As probiotics, it should have special physiological functions to maintain human health and be used in food, medicine or special dietary supplements. And these properties can still be retained during the processing and storage of food or pharmaceuticals. It is critical to maintain the purity and quality of the strain during the preparation of probiotics. If infected with miscellaneous bacteria will cause the death of the probiotic species. The product is therefore required to maintain a relatively high hygienic condition during processing. And indicate the added strain name in the product’s logo. Tuomola et al. studied the stability of the properties of commonly used probiotics in food. It is believed that the adherence of the strain should be the main selection criterion because the adhesion and colonization of the strain in the human gut is a prerequisite for its contact with intestinal lymphoid tissue and to stimulate immune regulation. Moreover, the adhesion of the same strain to different in vitro cell models is also different. Processing and secretions in the stomach also have an effect on sperm probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet
At present, the research on probiotics is mainly aimed at live bacteria, and it is generally believed that probiotic products should have a certain amount of live bacteria to have a significant curative effect. For example, probiotic yogurt containing at least 10×0 Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium live cells can have a significant curative effect and health care effect. Temmemam et al. and Hamilton-Miller et al. investigated the bacterial viability of probiotic products in the US and UK markets. As a result, only 11 and 6 of the 30 US and 13 UK products, respectively, had viable counts up to the standard. Therefore, in the future development of probiotic products, in addition to ensuring the functionality and safety of the strains used, their survival rate in the product should also be probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet
Development of probiotic dairy products The research status of probiotic dairy products The first to discover the importance of lactic acid bacteria was the Nobel Prize winner Russian scientist Yi. Menchnikov. In his survey of Bulgarians, he found that 4 out of every 1,000 deceased people were over 100 years old. These elderly people loved to drink yogurt before their lives, so he concluded that the longevity of these people was the result of drinking yogurt. Menchnikov tested the yogurt that the Thracians drank and found that there is a bacillus in yogurt that can effectively inhibit intestinal spoilage bacteria and named it “Lactobacillus bulgaricus”. But later scientists proved that Bulgaricus could not reach the intestines in a viable state. Dr. Minoru Daida (1899-1982) of the Department of Microbiology, Kyoto Imperial University, Japan, after long-term research. It was not until 1930 that the lactobacillus from the human body was successfully isolated and intensively cultured, so that it could reach the intestine alive. And named it Lactobacilkis caseistain shirea, which is the Lactobacillus garden later known as Yakult. With the deepening of research, scientists have summarized the above-mentioned 8 conditions for probiotics. Among them, being able to tolerate gastric juice and bile to reach the intestine in a viable state is the primary condition for probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet probiotic quizlet

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