Probiotics should be taken before or after meals 50 billion probiotics

Is probiotics good to eat on an empty stomach? Due to hunger and food induction during fasting, the central nervous system “commands” the stomach to secrete more gastric acid. Such an environment is obviously not suitable for probiotics to survive. 1. Take it 30-60 minutes after meals. Probiotics are very sensitive to gastric acid. The normal pH value of gastric acid is about 1.8. Such an environment is not conducive to the survival of probiotics. Therefore, it is necessary to find the time to take probiotics when the stomach acid is low, that is, the pH value is relatively high. 2. It is traditionally believed that the pH value of gastric acid in infants and young children on an empty stomach is 4-5, but according to domestic and foreign studies, it is found that the pH value of fasting gastric acid in newborns (within 28 days) is about 2.3, and the pH value after 1 year old is about 1.9, which is close to adults. level. 3. The gastric acid secreted when you just wake up in the morning is less, but whether it can reach the PH value suitable for the survival of probiotics has not yet found a theoretical basis, and there is still debate, so it is not recommended to consume probiotics on an empty stomach in the morning. Food stimulates the stomach wall after eating, and the central nervous system further guides the increase in gastric acid secretion. In the early stage of stomach digestion, gastric acid secretion gradually reaches a peak, so the effect of supplementation during meals is not very good. But it is much better than an empty stomach. After half an hour to 1 hour after a meal, the feeling of fullness is achieved, and the secretion of gastric acid is reduced. In addition, the food is still in the stomach at this time, which can neutralize the gastric acid, and the PH value is high. The increase greatly reduces the damage to probiotics, and it is more suitable to consume probiotics during this period. 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics
Probiotics the right way to eat 1. Probiotics are afraid of heat, so do not take them with boiling water. The most suitable temperature is below 37 °C, that is, you can hardly feel warm to the touch. 2. The prepared probiotics should be eaten immediately to reduce the inactivation of probiotics in the air for a long time. 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics
The Best Time to Take Probiotics – Research shows that drinking probiotics at these four times is twice as effective! 1. Probiotics are best to drink at night, and the most calcium supplements. From 12:00 to early morning, the blood calcium content of the human body is the lowest, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food. At the same time, during the period from 12:00 pm to early morning, the impact on the human body There are fewer factors for calcium absorption. 2. The effect of drinking after radiation is the best, which is helpful for radiation protection. Probiotics also have the effect of reducing radiation damage and inhibiting the decline of the number of lymphocytes in people after radiation. Therefore, it is best to drink probiotics after radiation. 3. It is best to drink probiotics after meals to help gastrointestinal conditioning. If you drink probiotics on an empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the gastrointestinal tract, and the nutrients in probiotics will be excreted before they can be completely digested and absorbed. Drinking it can reduce irritation, allow probiotics to be slowly absorbed in the stomach, and help with digestion. It is best to take it after meals: if you eat it on an empty stomach, it will easily stimulate gastric acid secretion; when you take it with a meal, it is when the concentration of gastric acid is at its highest. After eating, the concentration of gastric acid gradually decreases, which is more conducive to the smooth arrival of probiotics in the intestinal 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics 50 Billion Probiotics

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