Probiotics guide for proper use probiotics seed

In the hearts of many parents, probiotics are simply the “magic medicine” that is necessary at home. No matter the baby’s constipation, diarrhea, food accumulation, anorexia, or even eczema, probiotics can be given to the baby. But do you really understand the power of probiotics? How to properly take probiotics? probiotics seed probiotics seed
First of all, we need to know what probiotics are: probiotics are active microorganisms that are beneficial to the human body. In layman’s terms, they refer to good bacteria. They can be taken directly as food additives to maintain the balance of our intestinal flora. However, probiotics are by no means a magic medicine that “cures all diseases”, and it is not recommended to follow the trend. probiotics seed probiotics seed
How can I choose qualified products? 1. Look at the strains Probiotics in food for infants and young children must be labeled with specific strains, and other probiotic foods or health foods can only be labeled with bacterial species. 2. Look at the number of viable bacteria Probiotics are divided into live bacteria and dead bacteria, and the effect of dead bacteria is not as obvious as that of live bacteria. 3. Check the status Most of the powdered probiotics are designed according to the needs of the baby. One packet at a time is just right, so there is no need to worry about losing their activity when exposed to the air. 4. Look at the ingredients Prebiotics play an important role in the value-added effect of probiotics. If probiotic products additionally contain prebiotic products, such as fructooligosaccharides, galactooligosaccharides, inulin, lactulose, etc., it can be regarded as a bonus item, which can further increase The effect of large probiotics. At the same time, try to pay attention to the fact that the preparation does not contain milk, sugar, gluten and other additives. 5. Look at the manufacturer Nowadays, there are many channels for purchasing probiotics. Parents need to keep their eyes open, medicines should have “National Medicine Approval”, and health food should have “little blue caps”. probiotics seed probiotics seed
Important notes about the consumption of probiotic preparations 1. Probiotics are afraid of scalding, and the water temperature should not exceed 40 °C As live bacteria, they can survive in the human body. The optimal growth temperature of probiotics is similar to the normal temperature of human intestinal tract, about 37°C. Therefore, 35-40 ℃ of warm water is just right. Do not brew with boiling water, otherwise the probiotics will be scalded to death~ 2. Take it as soon as possible Probiotics should be taken in time after brewing. After a long time, the probiotics will die, so the effect of taking them will be greatly reduced. 3. How much to eat ① Most of the powdered probiotics are designed according to the needs of the baby, and 1 packet at a time is just right. ② If calculated by the number, it is recommended to eat 5-15 billion probiotics each time. Because in the process of eating, you will encounter air, stomach acid and bile, etc., and the probiotics will inevitably die. 4. Take it 20 minutes after eating Food that enters the stomach after meals can consume most of the gastric acid, and the concentration of gastric acid is reduced, which is more conducive to the entry of most probiotics into the small intestine alive. Otherwise, the probiotic strains that can reach the small intestine will inevitably suffer losses and their efficacy will be compromised. Therefore, probiotics are best taken around 20 minutes after meals. 5. Do not use with antibiotics Although probiotics are beneficial bacteria, they are also bacteria after all, so they are treated equally in the eyes of antibiotics. They will be eliminated by antibiotics together with harmful bacteria, so they cannot be taken together with antibiotics. Otherwise, the effect of probiotics will be greatly reduced. probiotics seed probiotics seed

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