Probiotics and Human Immunity probiotics list

70% of human immunity is determined by the role of the gut. This means that the food that gets into the body is very important. Therefore, we should choose those diets that do not use additives such as antibacterial agents and preservatives. The remaining 30% is determined by the stimulation of the endocrine system and the nervous system, that is, “psychological forces”. In other words, it is very necessary to have more contact with nature, integrate with nature, and live a cheerful and happy life every day. probiotics list probiotics list
Regarding the intestinal tube not only plays an important role in the digestion and absorption of food, but also plays a very important role as the immune system, the research of experts has only recently recognized this. The gut has diverse and even more complex physiology than we think. probiotics list probiotics list
The lumen surface of the intestine is firstly covered with a layer of intestinal epithelial cells, which contain fibroblasts, immune cells, and nerve cells, which are connected to the deep lymphatic vessels and capillaries.Intestinal epithelial cells have three main functions, one is to digest and absorb nutrients and other substances; the other is to prevent harmful substances from passing through; the third is to identify the information factors contained in food and transmit information to the body. The function of conveying and converting signals. Epithelial cells recognize immune factors contained in food and transmit this information to immune cells such as lymphocytes in epithelial cells, thereby enhancing immunity. It has only recently been discovered that various probiotics such as lactic acid bacteria, which enter the intestinal tract together with food, can enhance the body’s immunity. The cell wall of lactic acid bacteria carries powerful immune-enhancing factors, which are transmitted by intestinal epithelial cells as a signal to immune cells in the epithelium. probiotics list probiotics list
American Gary Hefnagel believes that if there are enough probiotics in the body, the immune system will function normally. First, probiotics can promote gut health. Probiotics can synthesize chemicals that can destroy harmful microorganisms, and can also compete with harmful microorganisms for nutrients and inhibit their growth and reproduction. Second, probiotics can signal dendritic cells (which can recognize harmful or harmless substances and send a message to T cells that everything is ok. Makes the immune system work properly. Probiotics can not only promote gut health, but also can reduce white blood cells. Development has an important impact on making the immune system better serve the body, rather than compromising human health.Therefore, regular intake of probiotics such as probiotic kombucha can protect the health of the intestinal tract. Only when the intestinal tract is always in a young and energetic state can human lifespan be extended, so that everyone can achieve the goal of healthy and longevity. probiotics list probiotics list

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