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The gastrointestinal tract needs beneficial bacteria, and the “bacteria” of the skin cannot fall! With the progress of society and the continuous growth of people’s material living standards, the proportion of people’s pursuit of spiritual pursuits is increasing day by day. People’s pursuit of a healthier life and a more beautiful and confident self has further boosted the rapid growth of the field of general health and cosmetics. probiotics walgreens
China, which has the largest consumer market for cosmetics in the world, has summed up its own unique path in the new generation of “post-80s” and “post-90s” new health concepts. Taking facial mask products as an example, China’s facial mask market is constantly emerging with highly differentiated and innovative products. The products tend to develop steadily in terms of experience, raw materials and ingredients. Not only that, keywords such as safety and health, intensive research of ingredients, and nourishing technology have become common indicators of enterprise development. Under this market background, the wave of “micro-ecological” maintenance concept is emerging. Mi Tuo Mi Big Health Management Co., Ltd. has followed the market trend and launched Hengxin brand probiotic mask at the end of 2019. The brand products are integrated into safe, healthy and green “probiotics Bacteria” health care concept, from the field of big health that has been deeply cultivated for many years, to the cosmetics industry for layout. probiotics walgreens
Skin “micro-ecology”, probiotic skin care market is booming “Skin microecology” refers to the “ecosystem” composed of hundreds of billions of microbes on the skin surface, forming a microbial barrier for the skin. In today’s daily life, factors such as the external environment, endocrine, and washing and care methods will damage the epidermal microbial system, causing the “barrier” to fail, causing problems such as sensitivity, inflammation, and water-oil imbalance. probiotics walgreens
With the deepening of “skin micro-ecology” research, probiotics have become the “new favorite” of cosmetic ingredients, and many high-end cosmetic brands at home and abroad have launched products related to “micro-ecological” skin care, among which probiotics are more popular. a large category. Data analysis shows that by 2025, the global probiotic skin care products market will experience substantial growth, and this range of growth will generate a breakthrough of nearly 200 million funds. As a high-quality carrier for “micro-ecological” maintenance, facial masks have won the favor of countless brand companies and become the stepping stone to open the billion-dollar beauty market. probiotics walgreens
Probiotic face mask blooms with different colors with its new product advantages: 1. With the growing consumer groups of skin care products, consumers are pursuing more distinctive efficacy and skin feel. Distinctive ingredients and new maintenance concepts have become the vane of consumers in the new era. The concept of integrating probiotic maintenance into the mask has been recognized by many consumers. 2. Using the “micro-ecological” maintenance concept to open up the development space of the brand has become a constant topic. The differentiated selling points of probiotic mask products have become a marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored, making the brand unique and innovative! probiotics walgreens

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