Precautions for taking probiotics probiotics xyngular

1. Do not take with hot water Since probiotics are active, do not use hot water, preferably warm water below 40 degrees; this is because, as live bacteria, and they survive in the human body, the optimal growth temperature of probiotics is similar to that of human beings. The normal intestinal temperature is similar, about 37°C. In addition, the maximum body temperature of the human body with a fever is generally 40 degrees Celsius, so when the probiotic preparation is flushed, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Most parents like to use very hot water, or even boiled water, to heat their children’s milk to prepare probiotic preparations, but in fact, the probiotics will be killed and inactivated, and it will not have the desired effect. Therefore, the water temperature of the probiotic preparation is preferably between 35-40 ℃, otherwise the probiotics will be scalded to death. probiotics xyngular probiotics xyngular
2. Do not take with antibiotics Although probiotics are beneficial bacteria, they are also bacteria after all, so they are treated equally in the eyes of antibiotics. They will be eliminated by antibiotics together with harmful bacteria, so they cannot be taken together with antibiotics. If necessary, take at least two hours before taking probiotics. Antibiotics can kill bacteria or individual microorganisms, common antibiotics are penicillin, erythromycin and so on. Some parents may have the experience that doctors sometimes add a probiotic preparation when prescribing antibiotics for their children. This is because antibiotics do not distinguish between friends and foes. They will kill pathogenic bacteria and also kill probiotics. Therefore, when children take antibiotics, they also need to take probiotics to reduce the impact of antibiotics on the intestinal flora. Therefore, parents should never use antibiotics for their children by themselves. They must use antibiotics under the guidance of a doctor and under the premise of clear bacterial infection and need to be used. probiotics xyngular probiotics xyngular
3. Do not use yogurt or milk beverages to replace probiotics Yogurt and milk drinks do contain some live bacteria that are beneficial to the body, but why can’t they replace probiotics? As far as yogurt itself is concerned, it is indeed a good drink. It contains vitamins, enzymes, and rich protein and calcium, but as far as probiotics are concerned, most yogurts only contain Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These strains are not resident flora in the gut and stay in the gut for up to a week. In addition, due to the influence of stomach acid and bile, the probiotics in yogurt are easily killed and cannot enter the intestine alive, so drinking yogurt is not the best way to supplement probiotics. The probiotics contained in milk beverages are mainly lactic acid bacteria, but the number is small, far from reaching the therapeutic effect, but it has certain benefits for the body, and the sugar content in milk beverages is relatively high, so it is not recommended for everyone to drink large quantities for a long time. . probiotics xyngular probiotics xyngular

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