Maggie Q’s Method To Be Healthy With Probiotics

April is National IBS Awareness Month, and Maggie Q encourages you to prioritize your gut health, as she did for herself. She recommends eating a fiber-rich, whole-foods-based diet, supplementing with probiotics, and committing to regular exercise and downtime to boost your microbiome. Probiotics

Maggie Q has always prioritized her health, from her days as a competitive athlete to performing her own stunts in Hollywood. Q, on the other hand, was inspired to make a shift following a series of injuries and digestive troubles. She changed to a more holistic approach to wellbeing, focusing on rebuilding her body from the inside out, rather than HIT workouts and crazy circuits. Now, Q is not only a supporter of holistic health but also a leader in this field, with a goal to educate and empower people. Here are a few of her favorite tips and methods for owning your wellness routine. Probiotics

Trust Your Gut

Q went to the doctor in her twenties with general bodily discomfort and was diagnosed with a problem: “He said, ‘You’re not absorbing nutrients.'” So she learned about the importance of gut health and partnered with integrative medicine specialist Dr. Frank Lipman to launch a probiotics product. Digestion is aided by the line of plant-based ingestible. Probiotics

Move Together

Having trouble working out at home? Determine what motivates you: “Crowd energy has always inspired me more,” Q adds. “When you feed off other individuals in the class, you get more inspired.” As a result, she visits an online platform that connects people to live yoga courses taught by over 100 different teachers. Probiotics

Check Yourself

Do you take supplements because you believe they are beneficial to your health or because you know they are? “Ask your doctor to run a vitamin and mineral test on you,” Q advises. See what you’re deficient in and then supplement accordingly. “If you don’t, you’ll be shooting in the dark.” Probiotics

Stop to Recharge

While it’s important to slow down, certain meditation apps are too esoteric for Q: “I don’t want to hear about star alignments; I’m looking for more direction.” Her personal favorite? Listening to various forms of music to induce a desired mental state, such as relaxation or attention. Probiotics

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