Kombucha and health and disease prevention probiotic powder

Kombucha can prevent high blood pressure Drinking kombucha liquid for a long time has the effect of preventing and treating hypertension. Research analysis shows that amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, lipopolysaccharides and other substances in kombucha have the effect of nourishing the body and strengthening functions; rich acid substances can keep blood pressure patients unobstructed, improve sleep, reduce In addition, theophylline, niacin and acetic acid in kombucha have the effects of dilating blood vessels, improving blood circulation and brain cell metabolism. The motherland medicine has long stated that high blood pressure is mostly caused by hyperactivity of liver yang, and kombucha liquid is sweet and sour, with Clearing away heat and purging fire, calming the liver and suppressing wind, nourishing yin and subduing yang, nourishing the heart and calming the nerves, diuretic and laxative, and regulating the stomach and intestines. No matter from the point of view of western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, the effect of kombucha in lowering blood pressure has its inherent scientific basis. It is beneficial and harmless for patients with blood pressure to drink pure kombucha for a long probiotic powder probiotic powder
Kombucha can prevent typhoid and paratyphoid fever According to the research of relevant experts, kombucha has strong killing power to typhoid bacillus, A and B paratyphoid bacillus, and it is known by conversion that 1000 ml of experimental kombucha and 1 gram of chloramphenicol can inhibit the above three pathogenic bacteria. The strength is comparable, and there is no side effect of chloramphenicol on the human body. It can be seen that it is not nonsense that folk drinkers have reported preventing and treating certain infectious probiotic powder probiotic powder
Effects of Kombucha on Stomach, Liver, Cholecystitis and Intestinal Parasites Kombucha is rich in gluconic acid, acetic acid and a certain amount of lactic acid. Tannins, as well as tannic acid protein and various vitamins, can promote the secretion and synthesis of pepsin and pancreatic enzymes, enhance the normal functions of digestive organs such as stomach, intestines, pancreas, gallbladder, etc. Reproduction, activity of roundworms and other parasites. All have inhibitory effects. The good effect of Kombucha on chronic stomach disease, hepatitis, cholecystitis and intestinal parasitic diseases is determined by the ingredients it probiotic powder probiotic powder

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