Is It Possible To Have Too Many Probiotics? Experts Speak Out 2 probiotic pills a day

Probiotics are frequently prescribed for those who suffer from gas, bloating, and/or digestive problems. Because probiotics refers to a type of good bacteria, this advise can be a little perplexing. Is it better to take probiotics in the form of food or supplements? Is it ever acceptable to double up? probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

Is it possible to consume too many probiotics?

Multiple types of probiotics are generally safe to eat. However, integrative gastroenterologist Marvin Singh, M.D. advises taking a customized approach when selecting how much probiotics to take and in what form. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

If eating fermented foods and taking many probiotic supplements makes someone feel worse (think bloating, gas, nausea, or abdominal discomfort), there is most likely a medical condition beyond dysbiosis, or a bacteria imbalance in the microbiome, according to family physician Bindiya Gandhi, M.D. In this instance, people should seek medical advice. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

“Some persons with histamine sensitivity may also have a difficulty with fermented foods,” Singh explains. “If they take too much, they may get reactions like rashes.” probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

Is it okay if I take two probiotics?

According to Singh, taking various probiotic supplements at the same time is perfectly fine. However, you might want to try supplements with different strains to target different needs in the gut. Alternatively, taking just one multistrain probiotic pill will suffice.

Gandhi says, “I wouldn’t eat fermented foods and take a probiotic at the same time.” Instead, she suggests taking a probiotic supplement on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and eating fermented foods throughout the day. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

In addition to taking a probiotic pill, Singh recommends including probiotic-rich foods in your diet. “You get the probiotic benefit of the food itself, but you also get the nutritional value of really eating something that has other vitamins and minerals, as well,” he explains. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

Is there a recommended daily dose of probiotics?

While everyone is different, Gandhi suggests taking a probiotic that contains at least 20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) every dose. And, she continues, opting for probiotics with a variety of strains can help diversify the gut microbiota. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

If you’re hesitant to increase your probiotic dosage, keep an eye on your body for any sensitivities or discomfort. According to Singh, you can ease into it by taking “one pill every three days and gradually increasing to the prescribed quantity.” “There’s no need to haste.” Alternatively, because most probiotics come in capsule form, you can open one and take a fraction of the dose to observe how you react, then gradually increase to the full dose as tolerated. probioticseverything.com2 probiotic pills a day

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