Is it necessary to take a probiotic supplement? dr p probiotic

Although the word “bacteria” has a bad connotation, did you know that bacteria are necessary for your body to function properly? probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

“We have millions of bacteria in our gut and specifically in our colon that are extremely required for a healthy lifestyle,” says Michael Galambos, M.D., a Piedmont gastroenterologist. probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

Indigestible food products that make it through the small intestine are broken down by these bacteria. Good fatty acids and vitamins are then released into the body as a result of these compounds. probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

How do probiotics help the body?

The “good” bacteria counteract the “bad” bacteria’s detrimental impacts.

Dr. Galambos notes, “In the intestines, you have a diversity of bacteria that generally coexist with each other.” “The overproduction of hazardous bacteria is suppressed by good bacteria.” probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

As a result, doctors are typically wary of overprescribing antibiotics, which kill not only harmful germs but also good ones. Bad bacteria can overgrow in the body as a result of this imbalance. probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

Do you require additional probiotics?

The answer could be found in the meals you eat or supplements you take. Yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, miso soup, pickles, and tempeh are all natural probiotic foods. probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

“More recently, we’ve learned that taking probiotics can help you avoid some of these antibiotic complications,” he says. “Probiotics are a group of helpful bacteria for the host.” probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

Prebiotics have a number of health benefits.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, are dietary ingredients that help helpful bacteria grow and thrive. Artichokes, oats, barley, greens, garlic, and legumes are examples of prebiotic foods. Probiotic-rich diets can help to ease or eliminate gastrointestinal problems. According to Dr. Galambos, there are many different types of prebiotics, and scientists are still learning if the bacteria might help heal various diseases and symptoms. probioticseverything.comdr p probiotic

He claims that using probiotics as a health supplement isn’t necessary if you don’t have stomach problems. If you’re on antibiotics, though, a probiotic supplement can help you build healthy gut flora. “The routine use of probiotics can be useful and has been found to lessen symptoms significantly” for persons with persistent gastrointestinal issues.

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