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Bacteria and other living creatures, such as yeasts, are commonly found in foods and nutritional supplements. Probiotics’ negative effects are still being researched by experts.

Who is a good candidate for probiotics? probioticseverything.comprobiotic pearlsprobiotic pearls

Because there are so many different kinds of probiotics, talk to your doctor about which one is best for you. Researchers are still figuring out certain probiotics are best for which symptoms or health problems. Probiotics are sometimes used to supplement therapies, but they are rarely used to replace them. probioticseverything.comprobiotic pearlsprobiotic pearls

The following are some health conditions that probiotics may help with, according to the AGA probiotic recommendation.

Specific probiotics can help preterm (born before 37 weeks) and low birthweight (under 2500 g) newborns avoid death and necrotizing enterocolitis (a bacterial infection that can harm the intestinal wall), reduce the number of days needed to reach full feeds, and shorten the hospital stay. probioticseverything.comprobiotic pearls

Probiotics should be considered for the following reasons:

C. difficile infection prevention in antibiotic-using adults and children

Management of pouchitis, a surgically treatable consequence of ulcerative colitis.

When should you avoid using probiotics?

Probiotics do not appear to be effective for children with acute gastroenteritis in North America, and they should not be provided to children who present to the emergency room with diarrhea on a regular basis. probioticseverything.comprobiotic pearls

AGA could not provide recommendations for the use of probiotics to treat the following conditions due to a lack of data. AGA advises people to cease using probiotics if they have these symptoms.

C. difficile infection

Crohn’s disease

Ulcerative colitis


Other applications

Keeping your mouth, gums, and teeth in good shape.

Putting off and treating skin conditions such as eczema (a skin rash).

Maintaining a healthy urinary tract and vaginal health.

Assisting with allergies (mainly in children).

There isn’t as much study on these applications as there is on probiotics for gut health, and studies have yielded mixed outcomes. Consult your doctor to discover if probiotics can help you with your health problem. probioticseverything.comprobiotic pearlsprobiotic pearls

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