Three Reasons Why Women Should Take Probiotics Every Day

Probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! They’ve been linked to a slew of health advantages, and doctors and wellness enthusiasts alike love them.

There are numerous reasons why a high-quality probiotic is beneficial, particularly for women. They can enhance energy levels, intestinal health, weariness and stress by lowering cortisol levels, and symptoms of disorders such autoimmune diseases by lowering cortisol levels (which disproportionately affect women). probiotic benefits for women

So, what are probiotics, exactly? What are the various reasons why ladies should use them?

Probiotics and Your Gut Flora: A Quick Guide

Probiotics are dietary supplements that include some of the beneficial bacteria that live and thrive in your digestive system (also known as your gut microbiome or gut flora). When there are enough of these healthy bacteria in your gut, they can overcome the effects of the harmful bacteria that will undoubtedly proliferate there. Although bad bacteria exist in everyone, they should not take over the healthy gut flora. probiotic benefits for women

“Potential pathogens are gut flora that have the potential to be pathogenic (harmful, causing symptoms),” says Kelsey Kenney, a dietician. Pathogens, also known as pathogenic bacteria, are harmful gut bugs that, if identified, are likely to cause symptoms. Symptoms could include bloating, excessive gas, flatulence, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, reflux, and more, depending on the pathogen. When your gut microbiota is in good shape, it aids digestion, produces nutrients, regulates the immune and metabolic systems, and much more.”

While most people could benefit from taking a probiotic supplement, they are not ideal for everyone—and taking a probiotic supplement should not be used as a substitute for eating a balanced, natural diet. Before adding it to your daily routine, talk to your doctor about whether you’d benefit from it and which one to take. probiotic benefits for women

Probiotics in its basics

Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces boulardii are the three most common strains of helpful probiotic bacteria. Lactobacillus has been shown to aid digestion, whereas Bifidobacterium has been shown to lessen inflammation. Saccharomyces boulardii (a yeast) can also aid in the reduction of digestive problems and antibiotic-related problems.

Not every probiotic strain is a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s critical to discuss which strains can help with your unique symptoms with your healthcare professional.

Because not all probiotics are made equal, this is the case. In fact, it’s the polar opposite. “Probiotics are not all alike,” according to the National Institutes of Health. For example, just because one type of Lactobacillus helps prevent an infection doesn’t indicate another type of Lactobacillus or any of the Bifidobacterium probiotics will.”

“We still don’t know which probiotics are effective and which aren’t,” the NIH adds. We also don’t know how much probiotic people would need to consume or who would benefit the most from probiotics. Researchers are continually attempting to find answers to these concerns, even for the illnesses that have been researched the most.” probiotic benefits for women

It’s critical to consider probiotics in the same way you would any other supplement: they can be useful, but they’re also unregulated. Even though there is anecdotal and study evidence that they can benefit health, they still need to be examined further. In summary, get high-quality probiotics from reputable retailers and keep in mind that they aren’t a panacea for all your health problems. They should be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, which includes correct nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and stress management.

There is a growing body of research linking poor gut health to digestive difficulties (such as leaky gut or celiac disease), metabolic diseases (such as heart disease and diabetes), adrenal fatigue, and mental health issues. In a study published in the journal Autoimmune Diseases, researchers discovered a relationship between disease prevention and gut health maintenance.

The bacteria Klebsiella has been associated to immunological illnesses such ankylosing spondylitis and Crohn’s disease, according to the journal Current Opinion in Gastroenterology. “As a result, probiotics demonstrated therapeutic potential for illnesses, including various immune response-related diseases,” the study said.

Blastocystis hominis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and irritable bowel syndrome), Giardia (diarrhea), Helicobacter pylori (rosacea, ulcers), and Proteus mirabilis (rheumatoid arthritis), among many others, have been related to ailments. probiotic benefits for women

1. Probiotics Could Assist With Weight Loss

Probiotics can assist women in maintaining a healthy weight. Many strains of probiotics can help reduce body weight increase and boost anti-obesity benefits, according to a 2016 study published in Nutrition & Metabolism. Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601, Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601, Lactobacillus curvatus HY7601, Lactobacillus plantarum KY1032, and Pediococcus pentosaceus LP28 are among them. probiotic benefits for women

In addition, “promising effects of probiotics in improving liver function, lipid metabolism, and insulin resistance in patients with obesity-related non-alcoholic fatty liver disease” were discovered in the same study. probiotic benefits for women

2. After using antibiotics, probiotics can aid in the restoration of the body’s bacteria.

Antibiotics can cause chaos in the body because they kill bacteria that defend the vaginal and other systems. Many women develop a vaginal yeast infection after taking antibiotics to treat an ailment (such as strep throat), which is irritating, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. If this is the case, probiotics can help by replenishing the beneficial microorganisms your body need. probiotic benefits for women

3. Probiotics Can Help You Feel Better Mentally

Because what’s in your gut can affect your brain, it’s no surprise that a 2016 study found that those who ate 100 grams of probiotic yogurt or took a daily probiotic capsule saw improvements in their overall health, sadness, anxiety, and stress. There’s little doubt that boosting mental health and reducing stress levels is crucial for the busy, working women and moms among us.

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